Today's beauty industry players focus on sustainable ingredients that deliver proven performance and support innovative formulations. KLK OLEO is one step ahead, thanks to our 13 cutting-edge, sustainable manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe where we offer beauty brands a way to design their dream products, more sustainably.

Built on a strong foundation committed to RISE - Reliable, Integrated, Sustainable, Efficient, KLK OLEO is dedicated to providing you with the best sustainable oleochemical solutions to address global demands and consumer trends. Established more than 30 years ago, we offers basic, functional and bioactive ingredients which include Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Fatty Alcohols, Alkanolamides, Fatty Esters, Surfactants and Tocotrienols (Super Vitamin E) to the beauty and personal care industry.

Discover our bundle of sustainable beauty and personal care ingredients that are Touching Lives Every Day in Every Way in more than 123 countries. From makeup, fragrances, skin and hair care to beauty and health care products, KLK OLEO's ingredients cover functional efficacies ranging from emollients, foam boosters, viscosity modifiers, humectants, cleansing agents, surfactants, antioxidants, skin brighteners, anti-ageing agents and many more.

KLK OLEO is the manufacturing division of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), one of the largest oil palm plantation companies publicly listed in Malaysia.