INOLEX is an independent, global specialty cosmetic ingredient company. INOLEX research and development staff has a deep understanding of lifestyle trends with expertise in synthesis and formulation to provide innovative materials for the world's leading cosmetic and consumer product companies; the list includes: emulsifiers, emulsifying agents, sensory fluids, new non-toxic technologies for preserving cosmetics, high performance polymers for sun care applications, and other renewable green-chemistry ingredients. Committed to innovation, INOLEX uses sustainable technologies and is acutely focused on total quality, environmental management and effective solutions for formulation challenges.



Sun Care



LexFeel®​ Series - Unique ester technology

LexFeel®​ N Series - Natural silicone and dimethicone alternatives

Emulsense​ - Natural cationic conditioning agent for hair and skin

Lexgard®​ - Preservation for cosmetic ingredients, available as a natural

Spectrastat​ Series - Broad spectrum alternative preservatives

SustOleo​ Series - Palm-Free Alternatives to traditional emollients, emulsifiers and texturizers

LipFeel​ Natural - Fully natural base for color cosmetics

LexSolv​ A - Light and dry emollient ester for sun care and sunscreen formulations

LexFilm®​ Sun - Water resistant, solubilizer for UV actives

LexFilm®​ Spray - for hydro-alcoholic systems

Lexorez®​ 100 / 200 - Water resistant agents

WetFilm​ - Compatibilizer and water resistant for wet skin application

Vellaplex​ - Natural barrier film

Kerabase​ - Conditioning base designed for performance and ease-of-use

Kerazyne​ - Polymeric conditioning additive for hair care

ProCondition​ 22 - Hair conditioning agent with superior properties

PhytoTrace​ - Traceable botanical extracts

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