Dandi Day A Conscious Beauty Firm

Dandi Day A Conscious Beauty Firm

A Conscious Beauty Firm Curating Beauty Industry Insights for Product Creators ​by supporting ingredient manufacturers mindful of their impact on people and planet, with strategy, marketing, and content creation.

What are conscious ingredients?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Renewable
  • Safe
  • Socially impactful
  • Sustainable

What is content?

A representation and communication of ideas through, research and data (studies, white papers, presentations), education (seminar, webinar, one-on-one meetings), prototypes, event production, etc.

Why would you need our services?

Ingredient manufacturers and technology providers have spent years perfecting their processes and leading innovation in a primary economic sector.  The successful commercialization from this sector to the next economic sector requires industry expertise.  Dandi Day has the cosmetic industry expertise and network that supports the growth and success of new technologies to create positive change in the world.

Meet Dandi Day’s CEO

Hayley’s passionate career of almost 20 years in beauty offers a unique perspective and lens to the market. She has a B.S. in Biology, a minor in psychology and experience spanning retail sales, makeup and hair artistry, research and development, manufacturing, digital sales and marketing, and sales and marketing of raw materials.

Her Biology degree and university interests of Naturopathic medicine and botany converged with the natural shift in cosmetic formulation development 13+ years ago. This provided a foundation, knowledge, and specialization to build natural and clean formulations without compromising texture and efficacy.

Today through Dandi Day, she shares her experience and a keen sense of the market to bridge ingredient companies doing good for the planet and brands that have the reach to create change one person at a time.

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