BioCell Technology – proven & effective novel dietary ingredients

BioCell Collagen

BioCell Technology, LLC, founded in 1997, is in the business of researching, developing, branding, and distributing novel dietary ingredients which are supported by science to improve quality of life. BioCell Technology's branded ingredients are available under licensing to marketers and manufacturers of finished products.

  • BioCell Collagen®​ - Nature’s Premier Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid ingredient. Proven, effective, and bioavailable ingredient for joint and skin health. For use in tablets, capsules, and soft gels.
  • BioCell Collagen® FG​ (Food Grade) – A tasteless version of BioCell Collagen for nutrition bar, chewable tablets, and functional food applications providing the same beneficial composition.
  • BioCell Collagen® CG-WS (Cosmetic Grade)​- A patented, naturally-occurring complex of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and aggrecan containing glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as chondroitin sulfate (CS) and hyaluronic acid (HA) which are essential structural components in the skin dermis and responsible for the skin's moisture, suppleness, elasticity, and beauty. Specially formulated for use in topical applications.
  • i-Sabi™​ - Nature’s master switch to wellness. Clinically proven Wasabi Japonica ingredient; liver health, brain health, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and immune health.
  • EstraFlex™ CMO Esterfied Fatty Acid Carbons (EFAC) ​- A proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids, including cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, cetyl oeate, cetyl palmitoleate, and cetyl palmitate.