APRINNOVA – A joint venture of AMYRIS and NIKKOL Group


Amyris and NIKKOL GROUP have created the joint venture Aprinnova. Amyris was founded on vision of making a positive impact on the world through science. Amyris uses breakthrough biotechnology to convert plant-sugars into high-performance chemicals. NIKKOL GROUP is one of the world’s leaders in cosmetic ingredients. Nikko has been involved in sugarcane-based squalane since the product’s launch by Amyris and has focused its business on the strategy "Green, Clean, Sustainable + Economy". Aprinnova’s mission is to develop sustainable raw materials for responsible brands. We offer two leading cosmetic ingredients derived via fermentation of sugarcane: NEOSSANCE® Squalane, and Hemisqualane. Formulators have long recognized Squalane’s value as a superior emollient. APRINNOVA’S NEOSSANCE SQUALANE, derived via fermentation of sugarcane, now enables brands that have not been able to take advantage of Squalane’s benefits due to cost, business continuity, or quality concerns, the opportunity to develop high performing cosmetic products with peace of mind and without compromise. NEOSSANCE Hemisqualane (C15 alkane) is a low viscosity functional additive with high spreadability and an extremely light after feel. Derived via biotechnology from sugar cane, its manufacture represents a significant reduction in GHG emissions relative to petroleum derived hydrocarbons. It can be used in color cosmetics, sun care, and hair care as a sustainable alternative to fluid silicones or isohexadecane.

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