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SolaLift®, 3D SKIN PEARLS, “to photoshop” your skin (tested and approved!)

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SolaLift®, 3D SKIN PEARLS, “to photoshop” your skin (tested and approved!)

Life is intense from the time you wake up until the end of the day; and your face shows the consequences: tired skin, less toned, visible skin texture and even wrinkles. A skin complexion far from perfection for women craving to be good-looking in every circumstance, and even more for the women loving selfies! Yet, having flawless skin immediately and on a daily basis is now within easy reach thanks to SolaLift®​, the "pearly 3D skin care" which stimulates and perfects your skin in just 10min!

By combining hyaluronic acid, well-known for wrinkles filling and moisturizing properties, with a film-forming polymer having a "lift" effect, called Glycopatch®​, the SolaLift®​ pearls visibly perfects, immediately and in the long term, your skin’s complexion. It blurs the flaws, smooths wrinkles, refines your skin’s texture and moisturizes to recover your ideal skin!

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