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SEPPIC wins the Gold best ingredient award for EMOGREEN™

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EMOGREEN™ has been awarded the most innovative functional ingredients during In Cosmetics Asia 2016. This new range of high purity non polar emollients is biodegradable and 100% bio-sourced. Inert and stable, these alkanes can be used in all types of applications (skin care, toiletries, sun care, body care, hair care, makeup, etc.), even in extreme conditions (pH, oxidizing/reducing media, etc.). They can be the perfect alternative to volatile silicone or mineral oil for consumers who are looking for more natural and eco-friendly products. Pure vegetable alkanes, they are conformed to Cosmos standard.

The EMOGREEN™ L15 gives a powdery finish with a lightweight and non-greasy skin feel while the EMOGREEN™ L19 gives a fresh and gliding touch, with a soft after feel. EMOGREEN™ a full range of emollients connected to your emotions.

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