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Plant cells from Rose from Damas to decrease wrinkles

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Plant cells from Rose from Damas to decrease wrinkles

StandStill Rose from Damas ​is made of whole active plant cells of the Rose from Damas (rosa damascena), the famous rose used in fine fragrance. They are obtained with a specific industrial biotechnology mixing plant cell dedifferenciation and a plant cell culture controlling the synthesis of active molecules inside cells.

Dedicated to adult and mature skins, those whole plant cells show a significant action on the dermis in inducing a decrease in fibroblasts senescence demonstrated by a senescent rate cells of 17% and a significant increase of proteoglycans and collagen synthesis rates of more than 10%.

As a result, they provide a global anti-ageing effect, especially on wrinkles, clinically proven by a decrease of the surface of wrinkles at crow’s feet by 22% in 28 days (application twice a day on a panel of women).

All tests were performed with a concentration of 0.5% of StandStill Rose from Damas​ (corresponding to 20% cells in 80% glycerine).

StandStill Rose from Damas ​is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of formulation from skincare  - anti-ageing creams, daily treatments, essence and serums, masks, etc. -  to make-up applications  - foundation, primer, BB creams, eye contour, etc. .) in any type of formulation, liquid or solid.

StandStill Rose from Damas ​suits any type of skin, especially mature skins.

Cosmos approvals and ISO 16128 certificates for all liquid forms available on request.

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