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Bringing skin defense to a new level

Consumer awareness regarding the direct effects of atmospheric pollution on their skin has been growing every year around the world.

Based on its original research on the effect of particulate pollution, Symrise is introducing SymUrban®​, the first ingredient capable of neutralizing the disruptive effects of PM and PAHs.

A set of additional products is complementing the urban defense strategy with natural solutions targeting negative effects like hyper-pigmentation specifically induced by diesel exhaust particles. SymFinity®​ 1298 boosts and enhances skin resilience to stress and external aggressions. SymVital®​ AR improves skin quality and favors an even beautiful skin tone.

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Heat Protection Hair Care Powered By Mushrooms

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Heat Protection Hair Care Powered By Mushrooms

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Symrise WELLNESS WONDERS: Exploring Indoor + Outdoor Beauty

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Symrise WELLNESS WONDERS: Exploring Indoor + Outdoor Beauty

Late last year, Pantone released the eagerly awaited ‘color’ of the year for 2021, this time opting to highlight two colors: Ultimate Gray - a solid, grounding gray and Illuminating - a pale, positive yellow.

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