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3DERMILYN®, to boost well-aging thanks to well-being!

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3DERMILYN®, to boost well-aging thanks to well-being!

The aging process is unavoidable and feeling beautiful throughout the years has become an ideal. Happiness reflects clearly on the physical appearance: happy people look younger. On the opposite, stress is one of the many reasons that accelerate skin aging.

A better knowledge of the existing links between stress and aging, offers to Solabia perspectives and possibility to act on the aging signs before they appear by developing 3Dermilyn®​.

3Dermilyn®​ is a polysaccharide obtained from Plantain, rich in mucilage. Grown in France, it comes from an organic and sustainable source.

This bio-sensory active ingredient acts in 3 dimensions on the skin:

  • Structural: by strengthening the skin-deep architecture and restoring the skin surface
  • Emotional: by regenerating natural soothing abilities and stimulating happiness mechanisms
  • Sensorial: by providing an innovative texture to your formulas thanks to its unique touch

By restructuring the skin architecture and by acting on the mechanisms at the feeling origin of well-being, 3Dermilyn®​ relaxes the skin and visibly reduces the signs of aging.

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