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The simplicity of excellence in a packaging
Baralan: Embracing Beauty since 1962

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Quality that comes from passion creates unique design packaging that captures the essence of beauty

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A packaging able to trigger emotions derives from the passion of those who develop it. Packaging should evoke familiarity and consistency to create a tangible and emotional connection between the brand and the final consumer, enhancing the user experience. Packaging captures the substance of beauty, it frames its fascination and safeguards its essence making it indelible. To transfer the essence of the beauty of perfumes, creams and make up into packaging that fill our homes and our bags, professionally developing and creating primary packaging solutions with an aesthetically impactful yet functional design, is key to be competitive on the market and it is the result of experience and a deep and constant work of research.

At the same time, packaging is the expression of the brand identity that differentiates it from others. Packaging sets the first impression and it is the first exposure that the consumer has with the brand and product. It is an essential element of marketing strategy, it extends the product life cycle of existing brands, it increases the success rate for new products and uplifts the brand to a new level with the consumers.

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Packaging is the guarantee of the integrity of the product making it intact and easy to use. It should match quality with passion, excellence, creativity and integrity. It is important to create a product which is a long-lasting and reliable item, capable of enhancing the formula contained that is preserved in its preciousness and efficacy. This is why Baralan’s quality lies in sophistication, innovation and versatility to offer a wide range of products which can be combined to create different sets that can also be personalized with many textures and finishes. Imagination is timeless.

From glossy to matte, from opaque to degradé, from metallic to the most varied shades of colors: there are many possibilities to make each product unique and precious, customized in every detail and with different colored versions through the endless variety of decorations and graphic techniques available. It is the decoration that completes the look and conveys the brand message, telling a story about the product contained. Varnishing, screen printing, acid-etching, satin finish and hot stamping are just some decorative techniques to dress packaging with a unique and original style. Aesthetics certainly gives added value to the product and allow a cosmetic product to stand out and transfer the essence of beauty. Therefore, a cosmetic packaging is an item with a strong emotional content: architecture and design play a fundamental role in the feelings one wants to transfer. 

In the process of design and manufacture a packaging, creativity is fundamental and it involves the breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Creativity allows people to develop new ideas and innovate to create products characterized by an eye-catching and, at the same time, contemporary design. For Baralan, design has multiple features: it is expressed through the study of shapes and sizes, but also through the innovation of materials and of the accessories studied for different intended uses. Linear and rounded shapes expressing elegance and sophistication are alternated with rectangular and squared shapes that give modernity and appeal to the product. A visual appeal deriving also from the creative details of the finishes and from the choice of colors that allow to switch from the delicate effect of frosting to solid colors, or from simple transparency to soft shades.

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Offering a high quality packaging means also to guarantee a superior added value, both in terms of products and services offered, with the ultimate aim of giving customers a complete experience tailored to their needs. Know-how and design give life to products with an essential aesthetic and a marked functionality that come alive, becoming must-have trends through a sophisticated customization of the finishes, thanks to various decorations and graphic techniques. A packaging easily recognizable by a pure and linear design that facilitates the use, but also the personalization, is the result of a creative act in which complexity leaves space to simplicity, the most ambitious and timeless trend that never goes out of style.