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Symrise WELLNESS WONDERS: Exploring Indoor + Outdoor Beauty

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Symrise WELLNESS WONDERS: Exploring Indoor + Outdoor Beauty

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The dichotomy of these colors can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients has chosen to showcase this color palette in terms of one of the most monumental lifestyle shifts happening across the globe – wellness. According to the Global Wellness Institute1​, the global consumer spending on wellness is $4.2 trillion, with the personal care & beauty segment capturing over $1 billion of this spending (“Wellness Industry Statistics & Facts”)¹. This amplification of the importance of wellness has been propelled by the pandemic, elevating all aspects in order to care for the mind, body and soul. Let’s explore the multi-faceted dimensions of this mega trend of ‘Wellness Wonders’ through ‘Indoor Intentions (gray)’​ and ‘Outdoor Oasis’ (yellow).


Closely connected to Ultimate Gray, this trend delves into the importance of prioritizing our health, highlighting ‘phygital reality’ and sleep care.

Phygital Reality Image

Phygital Reality

In looking at the concept of ‘Indoor Intentions’, the first expression is a focus on Phygital Reality​ – a term that describes the blurred boundaries between our digital and physical lives. Did you know that the average US adult spends 44 years of their life staring at screens? (S.)². The dramatic increase in screen time propelled by the pandemic has emphasized the need to seek balance in terms of digital consumption. Consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of how much time they’re staring at screens and how it can negatively affect their health. In terms of skin care, they’re looking to mitigate the effects of blue light on their skin. To address this increased awareness and the potential damaging effects of blue light, Symrise has a portfolio of solutions for this trend, notably Dragosine®​, a nature-identical biomimetic dipeptide to help protect the skin from harmful blue light that can lead to hyperpigmentation. In addition, SymBright®​ is a skin care active crafted from fermented clary sage to protect the skin from environmental aggressors, like blue light, while evening out skin tone.

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Sleep Serenity Image

Sleep Serenity

Another concept under the ‘Indoor Intentions’ umbrella of wellness is ‘sleep care as the new self care’. The importance of sleep has never been more paramount than it is today, as it plays a key role in helping to increase cognitive abilities, improve attitude and behavior, promote creative thinking, and more. Fortunately, there is innovation happening for sleep across many sectors – from supplements to sleep kits to meditation apps – with a focus on ‘sleep hygiene’. In the beauty space, we’re seeing sleep care solutions that ease you to sleep, like our Sleep Serenity Soothing Scalp serum featuring SymSoft®​ Scalp​ to soothe the scalp and reduce itch. 

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Lastly, aligned with the color of ‘Illuminating’, we now venture outside for the trend of ‘Outdoor Oasis’. For consumers living in urban environments, the ‘Urban Explorers’ trend focuses on the need to feel prepared, and also protected from environmental elements, when heading outside.

Vital Ventures Image

Vital Ventures

‘Vital Ventures’ showcases how going outside and exploring nature offer tremendous benefits. Did you know that 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing? (University of Exeter)3​.  In a recent survey by NaturalEngland, 87% of adults agree that “being in nature makes me happy” (Spain)4​. Recent trends like forest bathing and respiratory health speak to this imperative need to prioritize health-boosting time outside. To complement this trend, Symrise developed a ‘Vital Ventures Daily SPF’ to protect skin against UV rays, the harmful effects of pollution, and also infrared and blue light. This shielding formula features SymEffect™ Sun​ and SymVital®​ AR​, 100% ginger root to help guard against the negative effects of environmental pollution and sun damage.

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Urban Explorers Image

Urban Explorers

Lastly, for consumers living in urban environments, the ‘Urban Explorers’ trend focuses on the need to feel prepared and protected when venturing outside. Additionally, people seek fresh air and expansive green spaces within an urban environment to encourage a sense of peace and wellbeing. We can see this trend expressed by the prevalence of urban gardens, green rooftops and micro-farms as ways to infuse nature into urban environments. To support this trend, Symrise developed an ‘Urban Explorers mask refresher spray’ featuring deodorizing active SymDeo®​ 125​ and a refreshing and cooling sensate, Frescolat®​ ML,​ to spritz into your face mask and enjoy a burst of freshness before stepping out the door.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Wellness Wonders, we invite you to contact us to schedule a virtual presentation.

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