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Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

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Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

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Sun radiation is essential for life, but it has negative effects when the exposure is excessive. One of the effects is photoaging that contributes to a higher perceived age. In fact, UV and IR radiation are responsible for 80% of visible aging signs, so, there is much we can do to improve our skin condition.

At Provital Group we endeavoured to mimic one of nature’s solutions to fight damaging effects of solar radiation in plants, which is the production of protective polyphenols.

From plant stem cells, our cell culture has been developed to yield polyphenols, which are produced by many plants in nature as a protective mechanism against long insolation hours.

As a result, it has shown in vitro efficacy to counteract the negative effects of IR-A and UV. It potentiates the early antioxidant response and decreases the inflammatory reaction, oxidative stress and MMP-1.

In vivo studies also demonstrate an excellent efficacy profile in preventing and reversing photoaging signs such as spots, wrinkles, dehydration,and roughness,while also improving skin properties.

Once again, nature’s wisdom provides us with its treasures to make our lives more beautiful, from the cells to the skin. 

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