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Discover Beauty of the World

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From wellness at home to relaxing bathroom beauty rituals, today’s consumers are looking for next level personal care experiences. With the pandemic disrupting their travel plans, they want to discover the world from the comfort of their home and indulge in an experience that will engage all their senses. At Cargill Beauty we’ve developed 4 formulas, based on growing trends from different geographies and inspired by our nature-derived raw ingredient portfolio.

North America: Hydrating body balm


 The past year has been a big year for self-care. Taking care of our bodies - and our skin – is an important step. The growing market of Dermocosmetics is no different, and these customers search for products that nourish the skin without preventing further damage.

Moving away from traditional ointment products that are greasy, the Dermocosmetic consumer is shifting towards naturally-derived ingredients which are perceived as safer. In this formula, a 40% oil combination of sunflower oil and refined white cocoa butter help to provide nourishment. This high oil content is stabilized with our StarDesign™ Power, an emulsifier created from a patented complex of starches. Actigum™ VSX20 is used as a texturizer to bring a unique sensory.

This hydrating body balm moisturizes the skin without a greasy after-feel.


Asia: Refreshing lotion with FiberDesign™ Sensation


 This refreshing lotion is specifically focused on the masstige trend that is on the rise in Asia. Consumers are looking for the sensorial experiences from the premium cosmetic brands, whilst keeping a keen eye on their budget.

The challenge to formulate a face cream that could feature a sensation of freshness on the skin without greasiness. Thanks to the use of FiberDesign™ Sensation, Cargill Beauty’s texturizer based on citrus peel fiber, we have created an appealing cream with a light texture and a refreshing feel, suitable for all skin types.

FiberDesign™ Sensation is a rheology modifier with a quick breaking effect. Compared to other texturizers, FiberDesign™ Sensation gives a unique skin feel and brings a quick and lasting cooling effect on the skin (compared to market benchmarks containing alcohol or menthol) and is therefore perfectly suitable for refreshing summer formulations.

FiberDesign™ Sensation is biodegradable* (according to OECD 301B) and nature-derived, 100% of natural origin** (according to ISO 16128) and because the production of FiberDesign™ Sensation is based on citrus peel fibers from a side stream of pectin production.


Europe: Indulge yourself in luxury

Turn wrinkles into experience! When it comes to premium cosmetic products, we know that consumers have extremely high expectations in terms of performance and sensoriality. At the same time, today’s consumers do more research and are better informed when making beauty product choices. They want to know where their product comes from, how it is produced, what’s in it and to make sure it has a sustainable profile.

With the Supreme Serum, our formulators have created a premium face serum that features anti-aging benefits. Key ingredient in this formulation is Actigum™ CS11QD (INCI: Sclerotium Gum), a nature-derived biopolymer obtained through aerobic fermentation of sugars with strains of Non-GMO Sclerotium rolfsii. This non-ionic thickener ensures stability of the product and provides the final formulation with a unique sensorial texture. In addition, Actigum™ CS11 QD is able to support a high concentration of active ingredients.

In the formulation, Actigum™ CS11 QD is supported by C*EmTex 06328, a starch-based sensory enhancer that improves smoothness & penetration and adds a powdery after-feel to the serum, while Cargill Beauty’s emollients enhance the playtime and the richness of the formula.

South America: Rinse-off hair mask


No more bad hair days! Unique in appearance and structure, ethnic hair is especially fragile and prone to damage and injury. The primary reason ethnic hair is sensitive to breakage is a lack of moisture. Dry hair breaks easily and protecting your hair by locking in moisture is key.

Especially in hair care, natural and plant-based products are on the rise. That’s why Cargill Beauty developed a nourishing rinse-off hair mask based on ingredients from a natural origin, bringing all the goodness from nature to your scalp. The formulation consists of three key elements. A rich combination of coconut oil and refined white cocoa butter acts as a powerful conditioning agent. These sustainably sourced emollients nourish the hair and help to create that long-lasting hydration. StarDesign™ Care, a starch based texturizer made from waxy corn, adds structure and creaminess to the product. Last but not least, Satiagel™ VPC 508, a sustainable and biodegradable gelling agent made from red seaweed, gives body to the mask formulation.


For the rest of the formulas, please contact Ornhgl_Nzrevpnf@pnetvyy.pbz

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