Skin Microbiome

Skin Microbiome

Holistic health has soared into the spotlight in recent months, as the world grapples with the effects of an ongoing global COVID-19 crisis. And within this, the skin microbiome has gained fresh importance for consumers and industry alike.

As consumers look to maintain high levels of hygiene, strengthen skin immunity, and ensure full-body wellness, industry is fast innovating with advanced ingredients, new formulations and smart product concepts – both topical and ingestible. But just where exactly is the skin microbiome surge headed? And what are some of the most pressing challenges ahead for industry?

This webinar brings together a panel of esteemed industry experts from all corners of the field to discuss scientific advances, regulatory hurdles, and product innovations worldwide. We will also take stock of how the trend has evolved in recent months, the impact this will have on the skin care category in 2020, and what industry can expect in the coming years.


Audrey GUENICHE Audrey GUENICHE, PhD Expert Claim Activator
L’Oréal Research & Innovation

Ewa HUDSON Ewa HUDSON Director of Insights
Lumina Intelligence

Gerald RENNER Gerald RENNER Director of Technical Regulatory Affairs
Cosmetics Europe

Kacey CULLINEY Kacey Culliney Editor