Full protection against light damage and highly sensorial experience: identifying the need for multi-functional ingredients for sun care formulations

Skin Protection 2018

As consumer’s awareness of the impact of light exposure on skin grows, there is an increased concern over the damage that can be caused not only by UV exposure but also by environmental high energy visible light, also known as blue light. For formulators, this is only one of the new challenges they face when creating sun care products with high level of protection and pleasant sensorial properties that are compatible with daily usage and application.
Acknowledging the need for new multifunctional ingredients that can both contribute to the enlarged light protection and enhance the experience of consumers, Sensient® has developed Covabead® Crystal, an innovative physical filter that provide a 360° protection against light while providing an immediate sense of satisfaction upon application, along with a complete offering of high performance ingredient for sun care formulators, with the belief that protecting is better than recovering.


Sebastien Massard Sebastien Massard Marketing Manager
Sensient Cosmetic Technologies