De - Stress your Skin

Skin Protection 2018

Our Skin is not foreign to the harmful effects of pollution. Sun is not the only villain when it comes to skin aging and damage, rapid urbanization has also increased pollution levels in our surroundings, sometimes even our choice of personal care products may expose our skin to harsh chemicals.
Pollution damages our skin in a number of ways, including dermatitis, allergies, uneven skin tone, rashes, dryness, host of other skin problems and of course aging. Many of these are related to oxidative stress and inflammation in skin caused by pollutants around us. In this presentation we will be looking at some of the natural products which can not only neutralize but also de-stress your skin from the harmful side effects of pollutants.


Anurag Pande Anurag Pande, PhD Vice President, Scientific Affairs
Sabinsa Corporation