“We’ve created a whole healing toolbox”. Psychodermatology brand Eyeam

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“We’ve created a whole healing toolbox”. Psychodermatology brand Eyeam

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The spiritual meets the scientific for a pioneering new beauty and wellness brand, which combines crystal healing and affirmations with clinically proven ingredients.

“One of the intentions behind our brand is to raise vibrations,” ​shared Margo Marrone, co-founder of new psychodermatology brand Eyeam. “So, most people think vibrations are sort of abstract things, but everything in the universe has a frequency and a vibration. Our thoughts have a frequency and a vibration, our actions have a frequency and a vibration.”

Margo Marrone was the also brains behind pioneering brand The Organic Pharmacy two decades ago. Fast forward to 2023 and she has co-founded a new brand with her daughter Roxy Marrone that’s focused on helping consumers heal their skin, as well as their whole body and mind.

To call it psychodermatology is not giving the full picture – as there is a huge amount of clinically proven science involved in the formulations too.  

Along with founding The Organic Pharmacy, Margo Marrone is a cosmetic formulator, pharmacist, homeopath and energy healer. Meanwhile, her daughter Roxy is integrative nutritional health and manifesting coach who has amassed an impressive community on TikTok and Instagram with her Healing with Roxy posts.

The duo shared that they wanted to create a holistic and healing-focused wellbeing-beauty brand that helped to “change the way we think using affirmations that help to raise vibration.”​ These can include repeating mantras such as “I am beautiful’, ‘I am gorgeous’, or ‘I am lovely.’

“We want people to understand is that your thoughts are real things, ​said Margo. “So, for example, fear has a very low vibration when you measure it in actual Hertz. Whereas love and gratitude have a much higher vibration. Even the different fabrics you can wear that have different frequency that can either raise your vibration or lower your vibration.”

Working with crystals

The daily affirmation practice is designed to work with a crystal-infused formulation.

Margo explained that she works with a Marcel Vogel-cut crystal, which is cut in a very specific way.  “I programme that crystal and make it an elixir out of it, and then that elixir, which is already programmed, goes into the product to raise the vibrations.”

The crystal is named after its inventor, the IBM research scientist and crystal healer Marcel Vogel. “He basically invented the liquid crystal monitors that you see on most computers and he realised that you could send your thought patterns to a crystal monitor and it would appear on the monitor,” ​explained Margo. “He realised that you could programme a quartz crystal and it amplifies everything.”

One of the products, the Crystal Clear Spot Pigmentation Treatment also features a rose quartz crystal in the applicator. “Crystal are containers of energy and they enhance energies or feelings. Think of it like a healing software. It's like an extra pack that you can buy to make your computer go faster,” ​explained Margo.

The applicator – which is made from 75% post-consumer waste – has a small rose quartz in the rollerball that can be taken out and kept once the product is finished.  Rose quartz is considered ‘calming’ and the duo wanted consumers to directly come into contact with this crystal through the applicator. “It’s also the crystal for love, so we are bringing self-love when we do that with both the affirmations and the crystal infusion and applicator,” ​explained Roxy.

Biohacking and rewriting your story

And the healing doesn't just stop at the product and daily affirmation rituals. The brand’s website has a whole biohacking section with three categories: hormone hacks, gut hacks and high vibe-only hacks.

Overall, the brand is focused on helping its customers live a healthier lifestyle. “For example, foods have a vibration and we talk about which foods to eat that will raise your vibration,” ​explained Margo. “Or activities like grounding your feet in the park on the grass or walking in the in the sea. So, it’s not just ‘OK buy the product and that's it’. It's how do you change your whole lifestyle? How do you rewrite your story?”

As part of the holistic approach to wellness and beauty, Eyeam shares its insights with customers, such as choosing to fill up on foods that are closest to the sun and therefore have the highest vibration. “So, anything that's green or sprouted: alfalfa sprouts, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, all of those things that are green and grown under the sun – closest to the sun,” ​explained Roxy. “And then processed food like fast food and sugar has the lowest vibration.”

Supporting the gut-brain-skin axis

One of Eyeam’s products is a new clinically proven extract called Timut pepper.

According to Margo, this supports the brain-skin axis, enhancing cognitive performance, elevating mood levels, and reducing mental fatigue.

“To improve cognitive health, it helps the neurons in the brain to grow. It also improves dopamine and reduces stress and that immediately has an effect on the hormone system and the brain-skin access,”​ she said.

“It has a whole effect on the entire hormone system, and it also increases your blood flow in your brain, which means all your different parts of your brain, which are associated with your thoughts, your beliefs; every decision you make will help it work better.”

The formulation also contains milk thistle to cleanse the liver, as well as chlorophyll, melissa extract, turmeric, rosemary, and berberine, which Roxy explained works on your metabolism and helps to regulate blood sugar, reduce cravings and improve cognitive function, as well as reduce any stress-related bloating.

Other ingredients the brand formulates with in its curated product range are tri-peptide, 4D hyaluronic acid, grapevine resveratrol oligomers, vecto retinoid – a new a chlorophyll-powered technology that delivers bakuchiol with skin penetration 10x higher than regular bakuchiol, calmandrin, which it said was “shown to combat 'inflammaging' by reducing pro-inflammatory factors and collagen destruction through gene expression​”, as well as the activated quartz crystal mentioned earlier.

Tackling the acne and anxiety ‘epidemics’

Eyeam came to be because Roxy suddenly developed hormonal acne and had to re-evaluate her whole life before she saw any improvement in her skin.

“I was in that period and nothing was working. And I didn't want to go on,” ​she shared. “I didn’t want to take the medication that doctors were offering like Roaccutane, so I asked mum if she could formulate something to help me and she created the Hormone Check Drops. As she's a pharmacist and a homeopathist she was my GP growing up.”

Margo, who has been formulating for over 25 years, said that she started by explaining to Roxy that her lifestyle had to change and clean up the whole system.

“The topical cream is designed to reduce acne, to take away the spots and pigmentation, but not the ‘root cause’, so you need to address the internal issues. How do you do that? Through the Hormone Check Drops, your diet and your thoughts. This has been my philosophy for 30 years. There is no ‘one-trick pony’,”​ she shared.

As Roxy revealed her struggles with hormonal acne on social media, she found many other people with similar issues.

“There's an epidemic going on for with women in my age who are having hormonal acne; so many people that are having this problem,”​ she shared.

The duo had also noticed that a lot of these people suffered with anxiety too.  ​And as more beauty brands shine a spotlight on mental wellbeing,​ Eyeam decided to launch on World Mental Health Day, as its big-picture purpose is to help with this issue too.

“The number of young people we see suffering from anxiety is shocking,” ​said Margo.

“We’ve held workshops and seen that many people also suffer from shame. Shame of talking about their anxiety, shame of telling people that that's how they feel in case they get. But what I found very, very freeing was to hear the whole table say I feel insecure. And this is from all ages, male and female. And as soon as one person starts sharing, everyone else feels safe enough to say, oh, I can share too.”

Margo also noted that a lot of people are surprised to hear about the link between skin conditions and stress. “It really is quite a simple process,” ​she said. “Stress will immediately flare up the skin because the internal organs are being protected.”

Going forward, the brand hopes to create a community for its customers and will continue to be intentional with everything it does.

“I think that's always been my personal philosophy. I've always been on the healing side of things, so for me I feel like my purpose in life is to help others heal,” ​said Margo. 

“I said to Roxy, if we do launch a brand, how is it going to help others? And if it doesn't benefit someone else, then don't bother doing it.”

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