How shipping protection boosted the bottom line for Glamnetic

By Simon Pitman

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Extend’s Shipping Protection has already made an impact in the beauty sector, with brands like Tria Beauty, SoClean and Tyme subscribing to its product protection services.

In March of this year, press-on nail and magnetic lash brand, Glamnetic, became the latest beauty player to partner with Extend - a move that is claimed to have already generated around $100,000 in contract sales and enabled a 68% increase in customers who have added Extend Shipping Protection.

Cosmetics Design spoke to Rohan Shah, Co-founder and CRO for Extend to find out more about the service and how it has been positioned to benefit both consumers and business across a range of consumer industries, including beauty and personal care.

Porch thefts are a growing threat

Rohan Shah explained that the Extend business has been built around the most current technology to provide more certainty for consumers, while also serving to provide a greater level of assurance for brands that their products will reach their customers safely.

“The rise in porch piracy has made consumers nervous about buying online, with an estimated 260 million packages, worth about $19.5 billion,  stolen in 2022. Glamnetic wanted its customers to feel secure throughout their entire shopping journey,”​ said Shah.

“Through its partnership with Extend, Glamnetic offers shoppers shipping protection to protect against lost, stolen, or damaged packages during the delivery process, eliminating the risk of porch piracy and improving customer experience, loyalty, and the brand’s credibility. This improvement to overall customer experience through Extend’s shipping protection offering has driven an improvement in overall purchase conversion as well.”

Why Glamnetic customers opted in

With porch piracy increasingly weighing on reservations about having products shipped to their door, Shah believes that many consumers that were previously not certain about using shipping services have now been convinced thanks to the technology the company uses. And this is something that has been underlined by trends in Glamnetic sales since opting into the service.

“Since launching with Extend, Glamnetic has seen a 6% increase in its overall purchase conversion rate, and over 68% of its customers add Extend Shipping Protection to their purchases,”​ said Shah.

“Extend’s plans turn negative customer experiences, such as having your delivered item stolen, into positive ones by simplifying the filing process and offering hassle-free replacement. Extend stores all the details of customers’ product purchases and shipping protection plans for them, so they don’t have to save receipts, and offers seamless, 24/7 claims support.”

Longer-term benefits and efficiencies

Shah also explains that the business has provided Glamnetic with a new high-margin revenue stream, something that is underlined by the fact that the contracted sales using the services generated a six figure sum within six months of starting.

“Extend’s plans help drive loyalty and LTV by offering efficient replacement options when something goes wrong, or by sending customers back to Glamnetic to get a replacement product paid for by Extend,”​ said Shah.

“We take on the shipping liability and cost that Glamentic would otherwise have to manage, and then ensure the end customer has a quick and seamless resolution.”

Looking to the future

Now the company is looking to extend its partnership with Glamnetic, as well as building out its business with more beauty and personal care brands, as Shah believes its services are a good fit.

“Extend continues to develop further enhancements to their shipping protection offering by enabling more and more of Glamnetic’s customers to get the value out of shipping protection through an embedded offering. Similarly, The business’s roadmap with Glamnetic is also focused on further removing operational and back-office costs through tooling and automation for merchant support teams that traditionally handle these issues with customers,” ​said Shah. 

“We plan to continue building our business within the beauty and personal care space - we are already working with Oura Ring, TYME, T3, Tria Beauty, SoClean and Air Relax. Our APIs enable all merchants to begin offering extended warranties and shipping protection plans in as little as 60 days.

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