CosmeticsDesign Seminar Recap: 2023 CosmoTrends Report

By Cassandra Stern

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From multifunctionality to fruit-derived ingredients and more, these top five trends were one of the highlights of this year's Cosmoprof convention. The seminar featured different brand products that exemplified the principles of each trend.
From multifunctionality to fruit-derived ingredients and more, these top five trends were one of the highlights of this year's Cosmoprof convention. The seminar featured different brand products that exemplified the principles of each trend.

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Nip-Tuck Relief and Fruitopia are just two of the top five beauty and personal care product trends of 2023 identified in a recent CosmoTrends and BEAUTYSTREAMS seminar.

During the 2023 Cosmoprof North America convention in Las Vegas, global beauty trend data platform BEAUTYSTREAMS partnered with conference organizers to present the latest edition of the CosmoTrends Report.

As the seminar presentation detailed, the report is “an essential trend guide for the beauty industry, highlighting product innovation and notable brands among the exhibitors at Cosmoprof North America 2023​.”

To compile the report, “Cosmoprof invited the show’s exhibitors to submit their latest innovations, and then BEAUTYSTREAMS then analyzed the hundreds of online submissions to identify the most captivating trends, with the resulting report highlighting what’s new and what’s coming next to provide a vital perspective on where beauty is headed now​,” as shared in the seminar.

At the show, BEAUTYSTREAMS and Cosmoprof organizers partnered to showcase a brand product display highlighting the five identified beauty trends for 2023. In its preshow overview, presenters Michael Nolte, SVP Creative Director, and Fernanda Pigatto, Global Partnerships Director at BEAUTYSTREAMS, shared that “today's consumers are more educated about beauty than ever before…[and] to cater to this exacting customer, brands are delivering products that captivate and excite on myriad levels​.”

This year’s CosmoTrends report​ identified five key trends in the beauty and personal care product space to watch. Those trends are Nip-Tuck Relief, Skin Shrink, Function Up!, Fruitopia, and High-Sci. To learn more about these trends and some brand products that best embody their unique principles, CosmeticsDesign attended The CosmoTrends Report: Las Vegas 2023 seminar to gain further insights.

Nip-Tuck Relief

Nip-Tuck Relief, or the trend of skin care product formulation innovations designed to soothe post-treatment skin, is increasingly popular and correlates with the rise of aesthetic treatments. As detailed in the CosmoTrends Seminar and reported by Contrive Datum Insights, “the medical aesthetics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% between 2023 and 2030​,” and beauty brands are responding accordingly.

From options for home use or following professional treatments, these trending product options incorporate advanced ingredient formulations in formats like serums, masks, and balms “that help to soothe skin that’s been irritated by ‘tweakments,’ surgery, and even tattoos​,” as detailed in the presentation.

Brand products in this category on display during the convention included Bioyona by Tekho Marine Biotech Co., Ltd.’s Skin Activating Treatment Serum Ampoule, formulated with proprietary Totipotent Prostembryona Factor (TPF). “Extracted from embryonic stem cells of a deep-sea fish species, which Bioyona says secrete multiple peptides​,” this product is specifically designed to benefit skin pre- and post-procedure by improving moisture and elasticity.

Another product highlighted in this category is RegenSkin LLC’s CellularMask Deep Hydrating Mask 4D Hyaluronic Acid, which is a full face and neck mask incorporating a glycerin and vitamin B serum expressly indicated for soothing skin post-laser or micro-needling treatment. BSG Aesthetics Solutions’ DN64 Glaciate Bio-Gel Mask is similarly designed for professional use by estheticians and spas. It is meant for use following micro-needling treatments thanks to its cooling hydrogel, which is effective in soothing irritated skin.

Finally, this category featured Mad Rabbit’s Enhance Tattoo Balm Stick, formulated to be used on freshly healed or already existing body art to restore the skin’s barrier, make tattoos brighter, and hydrate skin to make the tattoo more vibrant. As shared in the presentation, “according to the brand’s own studies, 94% of users report that the balm helps preserve tattoos’ depth, while 87% report that it makes tattoos appear more intense​.”

Skin Shrink

Skin Shrink, or the trend of ingredient formulations designed to address the connection between skin health and mental health, acknowledges and seeks to address the relationship between stress and the skin’s appearance. As the seminar presentation detailed, “this concept manifests as everything from ingredients that fight stress hormones’ effects on the skin, to products that harness flowers’ natural well-being benefits, to formulations that offer a multi-sensory, mindful experience​.”

Products that were featured at this year’s Cosmoprof North America conference that exemplify this trend include Goodier’s De-Stress Refresh Gel Serum, an anti-aging formulation that incorporates natural ingredients like bilberry fruit and rosemary extract to fight what the company has deemed ‘skin stress’ which can have a physical impact on the skin’s appearance.

Also featured in this trend category is Andrew International’s Fleurissent Revitalizing Radiance Facial Cream Rose, which utilizes a natural botanical formula including multiple rose, peony, and lavender extracts in an aromatherapy experience designed to alleviate stress while simultaneously providing topical moisturizing benefits.

ReSaltZ’s Salt Massage Cleansing Bar For Facial is an excellent example of the finished product’s intersection between ingredients and functionality in this trend space. Shaped like the popular gua sha massager tool but made from high mineral content sea salt and other natural ingredients, this tool combines skin care and facial massage for a relaxing experience that can help relieve stress.

Finally, Colep Consumer Products’ Sensory Reload Crackling Ice Leave-On Face Masks are a collection of facial care products that integrate a sensory ‘crackling’ and tingling sensation experience with effective ingredients developed to "elevate skin care into a mindful self-care ritual​," says the brand. By incorporating sensory elements into skin care, the masks help combine mindfulness and improved skin appearance in a unique way that meets the principles of the Skin Shrink trend.

Function Up!

Function Up!, or the trend of incorporating the principles of ‘skinification’ into everyday personal care products, is a trend that is dominating this year’s beauty and personal care spaces. As detailed in the seminar, “several brands are now elevating everyday essentials so they take on a more desirable, must-have allure​,” which is seen in options like multi-functional deodorants, refillable travel bottles, and even water filters to improve the effects of skin care regimens. 

For example, Filterbaby LLC’s Advanced Water Filter with PRODermis demonstrates how the efficacy of a well-established skin care routine can be improved passively and without much additional effort made by the consumer. This product reduces chlorine and other potentially skin-irritating contaminants from tap water to help improve skin appearance and quality without changing products or an already effective skin care product regimen.

Biotic Beauty’s Brightening Probiotic Deodorant is another example of how brands are upgrading the functionality of beauty and personal care products for greater efficacy. Offering ‘full spectrum microbiome care,’ according to the brand, this product goes beyond the function of traditional deodorant by incorporating “prebiotics to help friendly bacteria in the armpits fight off odor-causing bacteria; probiotics help to balance the skin’s microbiome, and postbiotics to maintain a healthy environment for good bacteria​,” shared the CosmoTrends presentation.

Tantuc Asia Ltd.’s CoziLife Travel Bottle set takes a different approach towards the trend of multifunctionality by offering consumers the ability to enhance their skin care routines through packaging design. Featuring three choices, including a Facial Brush Bottle, Facial-Lifting Scrub Bottle, and Acupoint Massage Roller Bottle, each option makes it possible for the user to apply their selected product through the included attachment for greater efficacy and absorption.

Finally,’s Therapeutic Shampoo Treatment improves product functionality through its ingredient formulation. By combining probiotics and natural botanicals, the brand maintains this product simultaneously washes the hair and treats common scalp issues like dryness and itchiness, potentially eliminating the need for multiple products to solve various problems.


This ingredient trend, which BEAUTYSTREAMS and Cosmoprof have named Fruitopia, is the increasingly widespread use of fruit extracts or derivates in beauty and personal care products. As noted in the CosmoTrends seminar, “health-giving, vitamin and mineral-rich fruit extracts have long been a mainstay of beauty products, prized for their nourishing appeal, and fruits’ affinity with beauty doesn’t show any sign of waning, with brands showcasing formulations that draw on the skin and hair-enhancing properties of fruits​.”

Mielle Organics’ Avocado & Tamanu Anti-Frizz Slip & Seal Leave-In Conditioner is a prime example of a personal care product brand using fruit extract ingredients in a topical formulation. Utilizing both avocado and tamanu seed oils to nourish and strengthen hair, this conditioner plays “on the product’s food-inspired ingredients and is intended to be kept in the refrigerator, with the brand saying that its Cold Application Technology helps to close hair cuticles and reduce frizz while styling​,” as shared in the seminar presentation.

Papaya enzymes are known to be effective as a skin care ingredient. Glowoasis’ Probiotics + Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Powder is a unique delivery method for a skin exfoliation product, typically incorporated into a serum or cream. The enzymes in this formulation, containing a proprietary liposome technology, allow for a more delicate breakdown of dead skin cells and more efficient delivery of probiotic ingredients to encourage a healthier skin barrier and a more balanced skin glow.

Spanish brand Sensalia Labs’ Iroha Nature Repairing, Calming, and Hydrating Aftersun Face Sheet Mask with Melon, Chamomile, and 9% Aloe Vera is a unique option for consumers looking to treat and hydrate skin following exposure to the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. The inclusion of hydrating melon extract in the mask’s formulation “refreshes skin, which the brand says stimulates cell regeneration, soothes skin damage, and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines​,” as shared in the CosmoTrends presentation.

Manifest Beauty’s Plump Pout Chili-Infused Lip Plumper takes an alternative approach to including fruit-derived ingredients in product formulation. While many brand products capitalize on the nourishing or hydrating effects of fruit extracts, this product instead uses “Colombian chili pepper extracts, which combine with cinnamon extracts to have a plumping, tingling effect on the lips​,” the presenters shared. This cosmetic product is a non-invasive alternative to aesthetic lip-plumping procedures, offering similar results.


Advancements in beauty science take center stage in this final BEAUTYSTREAMS trend, where “innovation comes in the form of high-tech delivery systems that impart active ingredients to different layers of the skin; forward-thinking actives derived from bacteria from the human microbiome; to hair color that boasts encapsulated pigments​,” as detailed in the seminar presentation. Many brands are now capitalizing on the consumer’s ‘skintellectualism’ or deep knowledge of product ingredient formulations and technological advancements to deliver more effective products that best match the user’s unique skin care needs.

Polish brand ALBA 1913’s La Dolce Vita Serum, for example, incorporates niosomal technology in its formulation process, which the brand describes as “tiny bubbles made of soap-like substances that can hold both water and oil-based ingredients to aid in delivering active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin​.” In this serum, niosomal technology helps to better deliver the product’s CBD hero ingredient beneath the skin’s surface for an anti-inflammatory effect.

Yuni Beauty purports that mevalonic acid, the hero ingredient in its Ameva Multipotent Serum, is used here for the first time in skin care. In this serum, the active ingredient helps support skin cell metabolism in combination with other natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil to improve the skin’s natural glow and overall suppleness.

Clinisoothe+ maintains its Skin Purifier utilizes proprietary hypochlorous technology to “soothe and calm the skin on the face and body, balancing redness and promoting rapid skin recovery​,” through an oxidizing activation method. By cleansing skin and balancing the skin’s microbiome, this product protects the delicate outer layer from environmental damage and promotes recovery from irritants and blemishes.

Aloxxi International’s Luminexx Gel Cream Hair Colour employs proprietary Surface Intelligence Technology through encapsulated pigments activated when the formula is mixed with a developer. Utilizing skin-care grade ingredients to keep the scalp healthy and prevent staining, this formulation provides bright and long-lasting benefits like even color depositing and adequate grey coverage.

Besselco’s Madeca Derma Elastic Firming Microbiome Ampoule supports' elasticity-biome' by combining Epidermidibacterium keratini​ bacterium extract and hyaluronic acid. Designed to “restore skin’s youth​,” according to the brand, regular use can improve skin elasticity and reduce skin irritation.

Italian brand Labo International SRL’s Collagenina treatment offers a comprehensive regimen of preparatory gel, face pack, and emulsion. Featuring the company’s patented transdermic technology, the treatment combines six types of collagen formulated to increase skin density and thickness. As noted by the brand and in the seminar, “these results have been proven in instrumental, in-vivo tests by ultrasound​.”

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