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BASF recognized by EPA with Safer Choice Partner of the Year award

BASF recognized by EPA with Safer Choice Partner of the Year award

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named BASF as one of its 33 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award winners for 2021. It is the fifth time and the third consecutive year that BASF has received the recognition.

The company has been honored for outstanding achievement in the design and manufacture of products with safer chemicals, which furthers outstanding or innovative source reduction.

“Post-pandemic, sustainability has returned as a major focus for consumers at an even greater level than before,” ​said Marcelo Lu, Senior Vice President, Care Chemicals, BASF North America. “The focus now is on sustainable performance, and the Safer Choice standards symbolize the type of products brands and suppliers wish to develop.”

BASF added 13 ingredients and renewed an additional 25 ingredients on CleanGredients, a database of chemical ingredients pre-approved for use in Safer Choice-certified products.

The company now offers a total of 74 household, industrial and institutional cleaning ingredients across seven functional class categories, including chelating agents, processing aids and additives, surfactants, polymers, plasticizers and solvents that are used across applications for home care as well as industrial and institutional cleaning solutions.

“At BASF we are proud to have a growing portfolio of ingredients that are listed on CleanGredients and the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List,” ​added Lu. “These ingredients are effective and offer a strong biodegradability and sustainability profile.”

The Safer Choice Standard

The EPA’s Safer Choice Standard requires companies to meet a range of criteria, including stringent human and environmental health criteria. Approximately 400 formulators and manufacturers engage in the program and produce about 2,000 certified products for both retail and institutional customers, according to a press release from BASF.

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