IFF-LMR seals certification on Peru Balsam sourced in El Salvador

By Simon Pitman

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IFF-LMR seals certification on Peru Balsam sourced in El Salvador
IFF-LMR has notched up FairWild certification for its Peru Balsam harvested in El Salvador, an ingredient that is used as a fragrance in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products.

The Peru Balsam is wild harvested in El Salvador and the certification recognizes the fact that this process is carried out while in a sustainable manner, while conserving natural resources and providing fair working conditions.

The harvesting process is still under way, but IFF-LMR, which is a division of International Flavors and Fragrances, has stated that once the harvest is complete, it will make it the first crop in the world to be FairWild-certified for commercial use worldwide.

FairWild Certification

FairWild certification is not yet a widely recognized label, but having been set up in 2008 it has been promoting the sustainable use of wild-collected crops and has been gaining momentum on the back of a greater need for business transparency and ethical practices.

The certification reassures consumers by ensuring the long-term survival of wild species and populations that share those habitats where the crops are harvested.

On top of that, FairWild also makes the commitment that the habitats and cultures of the local populations will be respected, while also supporting the livelihoods of stakeholders, ultimately supporting those communities.

IMM-IFF and For Life certification

As well as supporting FairWild, the company has also been involved in For Life certification, which promotes fair trade and responsible supply chain practices, with projects that include Vetiver in Haiti, Ylang Ylang in Madagascar and Rose harvested in Turkey.

“Gaining FairWild certification for Peru Balsam underscores our commitment to responsibly sourcing ingredients, conserving natural resources and improving the livelihoods of farming communities.” ​Bertrand de Preville, General Manager, IFF-LMR said.

“I am proud to say that IFF-LMR offers a portfolio of sustainable fragrance ingredients that satisfy our customers’ needs and reduce our environmental footprint.”

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