Hydromer secures patent for antimicrobial soaps

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Hydromer secures patent for Triclosan - free antimicrobial soaps
The biotech company makes polymers, coatings, ingredients, and the like for an array of industries including cosmetics and personal care. With this new patent, Hydromer plans to launch a personal care products line as well.

Earlier this week, the Branchburg, New Jersey – based company announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had granted Hydromer Patent No. 9,474,701-B2 for Antimicrobial Soaps Containing Carvacrol and Methods of Using Same.

“This patent has a broad variety of product applications and will be the foundation of Hydromer's introduction into personal care products,” ​affirms the company press announcement about the patent.

Carvacrol perpetuation

Carvacrol, C₆H₃CH₃, is most commonly derived from oregano but can also be found in thyme, pepperwort, and wild bergamot. Plenty of research has been published regarding the effects of carvacrol as a natural food preservative and antimicrobial agent in general.

But beyond a mention in the formal name of the newly issued patent, Hydomer doesn’t mention the ingredient it its announcement. There’s no indication of how it is being sourced or what will go into the company’s antimicrobial soap formulations.

Triclosan phase out

In September of last year the FDA issued a ruling​ on OTC rinse-off hand and body soaps that included a forthcoming ban on the use of select ingredients in anti-bacterial soaps. Triclosan is on that list; and, as of September of this year will no longer be allowed in OTC anti-bacterial soaps. (That said, the agency is still reviewing industry data and there’s an outside possibility the ruling could be reversed.)

This, plainly, is the selling point of Hydromer’s forthcoming personal care product line. “We believe that Hydromer products offer consumers, both individuals and organizations such as hotels, hospitals, schools and offices, a viable alternative to the current product offerings of soaps with Triclosan and alcohol based hand sanitizers,” ​Eric Becktel, product manager of personal care at Hydromer tells the press.

He goes on to confirm the company’s plans to take such a product collection to market and gestures at a formal launch date in the near future. “We are excited to have our innovation in this area recognized by the issuance of this patent. We will use this patented technology and other formulations to launch an array of natural Triclosan free products that fill a void in the current marketplace for soaps and sanitizers,”​ says Becktel.

“We expect to share more about our products and sales offerings with the organic and natural marketplace in the upcoming weeks.”

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