Estée Lauder makes email marketing strides in Malaysia

By Lucy Whitehouse

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Estée Lauder makes email marketing strides in Malaysia

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Estée Lauder is one brand making the most of email marketing opportunities in the APAC region, a recent study by Econsultancy has revealed.

In a post which explains the findings of a study​ of Asia marketing trends, the digital consultancy firm outlines Estée Lauder’s successful use of email marketing platforms within Malaysia to reduce their emails’ average bounce rate from over 14 per cent, to under one per cent.

Maintaining focus on deliverability is important, as every email which bounces is a lost opportunity for better return on investment​,” the firm’s research analyst Jeff Rajeck explains.

Estée Lauder achieved the improved email marketing hit-rate through savvy use of software, the digital consultancy firm states.

Email marketing in beauty

Consumer engagement with email messages sent by beauty brands has diminished recently, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

The company evaluated more than 20,000 emails sent in Q2 in 2015 as compared to 2014, and found that compared to the previous year, emails sent by beauty brands were 33% less likely to be clicked, and 9% less likely to be opened. 

While some commentators believe this consumer disengagement is due to the now outdated nature of email as a marketing platform, Rajeck isn’t so sure.

“In our recent Email Marketing Industry Census 2015, we discovered that email marketing is still a very popular strategy for brands globally​,” he explains, noting that the vast majority of respondents (78%) disagreed with the statement 'email marketing will be redundant in five years'.

The problem is not, then, that the email channel is outdated; it’s that brands are missing opportunities to maximise its potential.

Estée Lauder as a case study

To illustrate this within the beauty industry in Asia, Econsultancy explains how Estée Lauder turned their email marketing bounce rate around.

The beauty brand implemented new email platform CheetahMail, which validated the addresses on its mailing list, and optimised the deliverability of the emails, through working with major email service providers to confirm that their marketing messages were meeting any ‘anti-spam’ requirements.

This meant more of its messages were getting into relevant consumers’ inboxes, allowing for a more efficient, better targeted email marketing approach.

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