Microalgae producer launches organic cosmetics line

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Microalgae producer launches organic cosmetics line

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Algoid Technologies, a company known as a supplier of microalgae to the beauty industry, has taken the plunge and decided to launch its own organic skin care line.

Described as an aquaculture company, Florida-based Algoid has taken the next logical step in its development by combining marine and freshwater phytoplankton to produce the Alginique range.

Marketed as a ‘Morning Rose Facial Elixir’, the 100% organic skin care line has been developed using naturally-derived ingredients, primarily phytoplankton, which has been combined with a number of essential plant oils to help rejuvenated and repair damaged skin.

A facial elixir

“We have been providing microalgae to the beauty industry for some time now, and wanted to formulate our own 100% organic beauty range made from the best selection of natural ingredients. Releasing the Alginique brand is a major milestone for the company," ​said Ilya Epshteyn, company CEO.

For the moment the one product is formulated a blend of essential oils that includes Rose otto, Lavendar, Frankincense and Neroli, as well as hazelnut and jojoba oils, with each ingredient giving the formulation specific properties.

The oil is said to soften, moisturize, rejuvenate, tone and ultimately speed up skin rejuvenation.

Tapping into phytoplankton

In recent years microalgae, also known as phytoplankton, has grown into a significant niche within the beauty category, mainly due to its recognized anti-aging properties.

Rich in oils and minerals, phytoplankton is a major component of both ocean and freshwater aquatic life, and is increasingly known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties that have been shown to fight the free radicals associated with the degeneration of skin cells, triggered by UV rays.

Algoid has built a name for itself within the industry as a provider of high grade phytoplankton, which it produces using an organic cultivation process that is said to produce a high quality and efficacious compound.

As part of the quality cultivation process, the company says it only used deionized water and food grade fertilizers to prevent any impurities and to ensure that the phytoplankton is of organic grade.

The live cultures are then harvested and freeze-dried to ensure the plankton retains its active properties for skin care applications.

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