Shiseido enters new skin research agreement with CBRC


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Dr Fisher of CBRC (left) and Mr Shimatani (right) of Shiseido at the first meeting of ELC
Dr Fisher of CBRC (left) and Mr Shimatani (right) of Shiseido at the first meeting of ELC

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Shiseido has entered into a new collaboration agreement with the dermatology research centre at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US for collaborative research into skin biology as well as efforts to communicate important information about skin protection and skin health to the public.

The MGH-Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) began its relationship with the global cosmetics firm in 1989, mainly focusing on research and development, and has now formed an Executive Leadership Committee (ELC) to review and agree upon joint research themes.

“With an alliance that has been ongoing for nearly three decades, Shiseido and the CBRC have cultivated a strong relationship based on mutual trust, and the collaborative research between us has contributed greatly to Shiseido’s innovations,”​ says Youichi Shimatani, the chief research and development officer, Shiseido.

“I am delighted about this new chapter and I look forward with excitement to the innovations it will hold.”

A provision in the agreement calls for the two organizations to engage in collaborative efforts to raise public awareness of general skin health and ways to protect the skin from sun exposure, environmental factors and the effects of ageing.

“As our understanding of skin biology expands, the ability to develop innovative therapies and products that can preserve and enhance skin health also increases,”​ says Dr David E. Fisher, chief of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of the new ELC.

“The collaborative studies that will be made possible through this exciting new alliance with Shiseido seek to build on this growing body of knowledge in novel ways that will ultimately benefit the public.”

Part of the ‘Vision’

The company says the new agreement fits into its medium-to-long-term strategy called ‘Vision 2020’, with the aim of establishing the company as one that continues to meet consumer expectations that are constantly rising.

Since 1989, the CBRC and Shiseido have conducted advanced joint research in the area of dermatological science, and to date, numerous important findings pertaining to skin science and hair science have emerged, such as:

  • Discovery of the interaction of nerves and skin immune cells
  • Discovery of the importance of laminin 5*5 in the skin basal membrane
  • Elucidation of the molecular mechanism in the hair receding period
  • Elucidation of the relationship between angiogenesis-related factors and photoaging
  • Elucidation of the relationship between photoaging and skin lymphatic vessel functions
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of pigment cell activation in hair

Looking ahead, the new agreement will pursue three programs:

  • Joint research between the CBRC and Shiseido on skin science that Shiseido aims to use to develop improved products
  • Joint activities with the goal of communicating objective and sound information about skin health
  • Joint research on advanced skin science and hair science

To provide enough time for medium- to long-term research and development, Shiseido says the agreement is set for 6 years (2015-2020).

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