SoapBox builds a cosmetic empire on the back of charity

By Simon Pitman

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SoapBox builds a cosmetic empire on the back of charity

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SoapBox started five years ago, simply selling one line of soap and has since expanded into a full line of soap bars and liquids on the success of its ‘hope code’, printed on every packet.

The code is linked to the SoapBox website and gives the consumer full transparency to determine which community is being helped by the charitable contribution from their purchase.

Likewise, the feel good element can be shared by the consumer across social media, highlighting exactly where their contribution to charity from the purchase goes and helping to spread the message that others can become involved.

The idea behind the success

The brainchild of David Siminic and Daniel Doll, the concept has expanded to become a profitable business as well as one that aims to improve the lives of underprivileged all over the world.

The founders' mission has been to ‘empower consumers to change the world through every day, quality soap purchases’.

It is a mission that has resonated with consumers, and the success has helped the business expand to now include 40 SKUs spread among to families of products.

The expansion has included the addition of 25 new products in the last quarter alone, with the portfolio now also including body washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

Aid work inspired

Both Siminic and Doll spent time working on aid projects in developing countries, which was the trigger for the business. Ultimately they wanted to find an engaging and rewarding way for people to contribute without really having to go out of their way too much.

There is also a deeper message behind the soap products they sell, specifically that the purchase of one bottle of hand soap gives a month of clean water to one person in a developing country.

The crucial benefit is, given that more people die from diseases spread by dirty water and a lack of hygiene than malaria and AIDS combined, the contribution can help save lives.


The cause has not only resonated with consumers, but with retailers and suppliers alike, helping to drive both supply and distribution of the products.

Currently the soaps can be bought on the SoapBox website​, while its retail distribution has expanded beyond Whole Foods to now include Target nationwide, as well as select CVS stores, HEB, Giant and a number of other smaller retailers.

In addition to support from retailers, the company also says it has received support from suppliers, with Doll citing packaging supplier M&H Plastics as being a significant helper thanks to its belief in the company and its social mission.

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