Patent for technology designed to prolong botox cosmetic effect

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Patent for technology designed to prolong botox cosmetic effect

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Enhance Skin Products says a US patent and trademark has been granted for technology it developed for the use of hyaluronan and bioactive glass to enhance the effects of dermal interventions such as Botox.

The company says that the technology, which is being incorporated into its Visible Youth skin care line, extends the beneficial cosmetics effects of such dermal interventions, in particular the sought after anti-wrinkle affect associated with dermal fillers.

There are also said to be additional applications, which could include treating or alleviating skin conditions such as rosacea, as well as associated redness, dryness and itchiness.

In addition to the US patent, an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty has also been accepted, the company claims.

How it works…

The company says that Visible Youth has been developed to give deep penetrating hydration to restore the skin’s natural supply of hyaluronan-water complex for long-lasting benefits.

The Visible Youth skin care line includes an eye gel, moisturizer and cleanser products that form part of a comprehensive daily skin care regime, and can readily complement dermal fillers because of the corrective, restorative and maintenance properties.

The company also says there are few skin care lines that have been designed to complement and enhance this kind of treatment leading it to anticipate significant interest. As well as the patent technology, it will include Healing Complex Plus 3% - a Lidocaine and Healing formulation.

Redesign for the Visible Youth line

In unison of the reformulation for the skin care line, the company says it is in the process of also refreshing the packaging for a full launch of the line which will now include Bioactive Vitryxx in all the products.

In the near future the company says it also has tentative plans to expand the skin care line to include a night cream, mask, neck treatment, serum and an SPF30+, and is aiming to market the line both in the US and internationally.

"This new patent application, jointly developed by Dr. Asculai, our Chief Scientific Officer and Dr. Gary Hack, represents a potentially exciting new addition to our patent portfolio and the Visible Youth Professional product line,”​ said Donald Nicholson, Enhance president and CEO.

We plan to seek development and marketing partners to take this product beyond the proof of concept stage and to launch the Visible Youth Professional line.”

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