Good hair and teeth will help you find love, says Harley Street clinic


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Good hair and teeth will help you find love, says Harley Street clinic

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What do you look for in the perfect partner? According to a new study, British women value hair and teeth as the important features in prospective partners, and men agree that a nice smile is the most attractive feature; as anti-ageing, skin care and grooming are also highlighted. 

The ‘perfect partner’ study of 1,000 Brits by Harley Street Hair Clinic looked into what the UK public find most attractive in their partners, as well as the biggest turn-offs.

“I’m not surprised that women have ranked teeth and hair so highly. There are many professional options available which allow men to improve their smile and hair line for the long-term,”​ says Nadeem Uddin Khan, Clinic Director of Harley Street Hair Clinic.

“These options are not just about feeling more attractive, they also help improve self-confidence in other aspects of life – a career, a social situation and, hopefully, in love.”

Anti-ageing habits

We all have our own opinion of what we look for in a partner, and especially around this time of year with the excitement/ dread of Valentine’s Day, it goes under the microscope, but the study also gained an insight into men and women’s views on the ageing process and how they feel about their own appearance.

The results show that more than two thirds of women would happily undertake activities to help slow down the ageing process such as dying over grey hair or having a new ‘younger’ hair style.

For men the survey shows less attraction to these procedures with more than half saying they would rather let nature take its course.

Dying grey hair or getting a hair transplant are the preferred anti-ageing choices, if one is chose, but this was only relevant for one in ten men.


When asked if there are things they would change about themselves, 90% women wanted to tweak to their looks with 85% of men also agreeing.

Top of the body wish-list for men and women is to be slimmer and have whiter or straighter teeth, with men also wanting to be more toned.

British women asked what they look for in a man stated that someone who shows some care in his facial appearance, like having a nice smile, good teeth and a full head of hair is more attractive.

On the other side the men surveyed about female attractiveness said that being slim is not a determining factor in how attractive you are, as only 18% of men rate a slim figure as the most attractive feature.

Keep smiling

When it comes to turn-ons and turn-offs of the opposite sex, the Harley Street clinic study shows that a nice smile is a top priority for both.

British women also opted for nice eyes, good teeth, being tall and a full head of hair; whilst crooked or stained teeth, being overweight, a beer belly, spotty skin and un-groomed facial hair are the big no-nos.

British men ranked a pretty face, a curvy figure, a nice bottom and an ample chest as the most attractive features; whilst being overweight, crooked or stained teeth, greasy hair, bad skin, and dirty fingernails were noted as the least attractive features in women.

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