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Removing make-up no longer boring as innovation booms in cleansing formulations

By Michelle Yeomans

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This month we are highlighting the opportunities for brands in the skin care cleansing arena. Here, our expert, Florence Bernardin reveals Japan to be the most lucrative market due to its traditionally long and refined beauty routine. 

According to Florence, since discovering cold cream at the beginning of the 20th​ century, Japanese women have been investing in products that cater to their famous layering skin care routine, and this is where brands will be able to see the most opportunity.

Painting a picture of the traditional cleansing routine, the Asia expert says the emphasis was on the ritual of purification and religious philosophy, providing a feeling of both mental and physical cleanliness.

Back then, facial cleansing consisted of a little cotton bag with broken grains and rice powder soaked in water and then massaged onto the face.

"Luffa juice (belonging to family cucurbitaceae) was also used to wash, cleanse and hydrate the skin, and these ingredients are still found 


even in the more sophisticated products of today, such as Echima Cologne​," Florence tells this publication.

Nowadays, the cleansing routine consists of oil base makeup remover, followed by a foaming soap and has also expanded into Korea and China.

"Oil based makeup removers have also become extremely popular, having emerged as a big category with products like 'Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil'," ​she adds. 

Cleansing gaining momentum in terms of priority

In fact the Asia expert says as pollution concerns become more important, cleansing will too.

Cleansin 1

According to a study conducted by the Korean website 'Beauty', 73% of the responding women answered to cleansing their face twice a day and 18% said they did it more than twice a day.

Florence says cleansing products accessorized with beauty tools is also the latest booming trend, especially in Korea where vibrating and massage devices are offering cleansing properties.

Finally, Florence says cleansing waters are also building momentum as easy to use makeup removers.

Florence Bernardin

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