Block animal testing: California Senate urges U.S. to join ban


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Block animal testing: California Senate urges U.S. to join ban

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In another step forward in the campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics, California's Senate approved a measure by State Senator Marty Block urging the country to follow in other region’s footsteps and implement a ban.

The European Union (EU), Norway, India, and Israel have all moved to ban animal testing of cosmetic products, and now Block's joint resolution, SJR 22, approved on a bipartisan vote of 31-0, urges the federal government to mandate alternative methods to animal testing when other testing methods are available.

"Unnecessary cruelty is unforgiveable,"​ Block says. "Animal testing by the cosmetics industry is usually unnecessary and often unreliable. Where other means of ensuring product safety are available, they should be used."


The California senator’s announcement is sponsored by Cruelty Free International and also supported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the State Humane Association and others.

These groups argue that more reliable, quicker, and less expensive alternatives are available and should be used.

"Our success in ending cosmetics testing on animals in the European Union has proven that it is possible and safe to create cosmetics without animal testing,"​ argues North America Campaign Manager for Cruelty Free International, Monica Engebretson.

The SJR 22 resolution also calls on the U.S. Congress to enact legislation that would establish reasonable deadlines for the prohibition on the testing and marketing of products which have been tested on animals.


Being the state associated with film and television, it is unsurprising that another acting star has lent their support to the cause.

On hearing the news, The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik shared her joy at Senator Block’s announcement asking the California Legislature to support SJR 22.

"For over a decade California has been a leader in supporting the use of modern non-animal tests to ensure cosmetics safety. It's time that the rest of the nation catches up with California as well as other counties on this issue,”​ says Bialik.

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