Expert reveals customisation opps brands may be missing in ecommerce

By Michelle Yeomans

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Expert reveals customisation opps brands may be missing in ecommerce
Analysts predict e-commerce purchasing to dominate 70% of all goods bought by 2020. With the rise of this platform comes the opportunity for packaging customisation, but the industry has yet to tap into this, says a RHIEM expert.

RHIEM is a consultancy firm that works with brands looking to produce or sell products through direct marketing, retail trade or over the internet. spoke to the firm's director of business development, Ulrich Treiber about where cosmetics brands have yet to tap into when it comes to providing extra added value to the online consumer.

Firstly, he says two things happen with rising sales in e-commerce.

"As the ‘point of sale’ shifts towards online, competition rises between internet outlets which in turn shifts the focus onto the related product and transport packaging,"​ Ulrich tells this publication.

Thus, the opportunity is there for brands to create customised packaging the more technical the product is, like with cosmelectricals or beauty devices for example.

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Individualised packaging could be lucrative investment

The director of business development says traditionally electronic products are bought online, so brands in this segment recognise the need to stand out and investing in the right packaging.

"The focus must be on a combination of maximum transportation security and high brand impact in the packaging for the end user at home,"​ Ulrich tells this publication.

However; with a growing focus on sustainability, the RHEIM expert says consumers are looking for convenient packaging without too many layers combined with an 'individual look.'

Ulrich proposes the solution for cosmetics brands in this area is to offer shoppers packaging individualisation as well as the choice to order minimum branded packaging.

Why an untapped area thus far?

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On asking why brands have yet to invest in this, Ulrich tells this publication that with growing sales in e-commerce, it is very cost efficient for brands to store the products as bulk and put the ordered items in branded transport packaging.

"At the moment the industry is not yet there, but the breakthrough will come with the likes of beauty devices," ​he says.

Ulrich mentions that the capabilities of individualisation and lamination are yet not cheap enough for mass processes, so the trend will start with luxury brands.

"Watch this space,"​ he concludes.


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