iSCAN will bring a new dimension to cosmetics packaging


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iSCAN will bring a new dimension to cosmetics packaging
A company which manufactures custom holographs has created a product which could bring a whole new dimension to cosmetics packaging.

ITW Holographics has created iSCAN technology, a computer-manufactured foil which uses highly specific holographic effects to create unique brand differentiation.

Using this technology, which was exhibited at the recent LuxePack Monaco event, companies will be able to create initial examples and prototypes with a turnaround time of as little as a week, and begin manufacturing a finished product in less than six.

One particular advantage of iSCAN is the ability to cost-effectively create labels with small areas picked out with holographic designs- so for example, they could illustrate packaging with detailed pictures of the contents, or with an item which highlights its ingredients, such as a fruit for organic beauty products.

Stephane Niss, an account manager for ITW, told USA: “iSCAN can lower time to market with holographic effects which can be produced in as little as one week. This is particularly interesting for cosmetics designers, where you often need to develop products and get them to market quickly.”

“We can highlight distinguishing objects on packaging’s surface with this method- for example, a ring or an ice cube for drinks packaging,” ​he adds.

Creating iSCAN

To produce the label, the customer first sends a file of the design which they want to appear on their packaging to company.

The actual holographic design is produced by shooting a laser at a metallized foil, which creates different effects depending on the angle of the light. This can then be printed on polyester foil by using induction to print the plate on a roll.

Stephane commented: “With this technology, we can print off thousands of holographic labels far more easily than before.”

“We can halve the time to market, which is one of the reasons that this technology is interesting to companies such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble.”

The company also highlighted other new products in their inventory which will improve brand differentiation, such as heated foil printing which can be used on a bottle.

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