Sustainability discussion can be heightened through digital communication


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Sustainability discussion can be heightened through digital communication
The on-going discussions about sustainability development in the cosmetics industry can be heightened through social media and digital communications, according to industry experts.

Digital media has been the communication channel of choice for many beauty manufacturers for a number of years helping to engage and interact with customers and consumers, and is a great basis to communicate sustainability too.

At the Latin American leg of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, a number of papers highlighted the pervading influence of digital technology, in the marketing session.

Game changer

Gabriel Borges, CEO of Ampfy, was one of the speakers at the event, focusing on social media, and said “the internet has changed the game of everyone a voice!”

Cosmetic brands are now being encouraged more and more to utilize social media to build partnerships with consumers.

The growth in mobile devices was making TV the secondary screen to most consumers, according to the agency DP6 at the Summit; whilst other speakers covered digital marketing and sustainability communications.


The 2nd edition of the event highlighted shortcomings in the sustainable development of the cosmetics industry, stating that although Latin American firms are leading in some areas of sustainability, like ethical sourcing and biodiversity, greater steps need to be taken to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic formulations and packaging.

Taking place in Sao Paolo, the summit welcomed several speakers to discuss the growing complexity of sustainability; with difficulties in raw material sourcing cited as one of the reasons behind the low production levels of natural and organic cosmetics.

According to the summit organisers Organic Monitor, although cosmetic companies are interested in green formulations, very few have developed certified products.

IBD Certification says that it is due to government regulations that were preventing the organic cosmetics market from taking off.

Discussions continue

The discussions about sustainable development of the cosmetics industry will continue in the upcoming European (Paris, 21-23rd October) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, 11-13th November) editions of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.

More information can be found here​.

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