Industry responds to CDC call for UV exposure information


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Industry responds to CDC call for UV exposure information
The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) has responded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s request for information about reducing exposure to UV radiation in order to reduce skin cancer rates, and insists people still need to be better informed.

Recently the CDC announced the opening of a docket to obtain public information on UV exposure and the PCPC has highlighted that more needs to be done to inform the general public of the risks associated with exposure.

Education and awareness

"Individuals of all ages and skin tones should use sunscreen daily as part of an overall safe sun regimen to reduce the risk of UV damage, including premature skin aging and skin cancer,"​ said Farah Ahmed, chair, PCPC Sunscreen Committee.

"As we continue advocating for sound science, our industry looks forward to working with the CDC and the Surgeon General in the commitment to preventing skin cancer.”

This includes providing scientific and technical data supporting sunscreen's ability to reduce the risk of skin aging and cancer, increasing awareness to educate the public, as well as hosting a number of educational workshops with key opinion leaders from the dermatology community and sunscreen experts.

"Being skin smart is about sharing real science and expert advice to empower people to make informed choices when it comes to their skin beauty and health,"​ added Ahmed.


The PCPC charged Harris Interactive to conduct a nationwide online survey recently, and found that many Americans around the country are uninformed about sun protection.

“The American public is still not in a place where they are sun smart every time they step out of their door,”​ continued Ahmed.

The industry expert admitted that the American public still has a long way to go before sunscreen is treated like seatbelts and becomes automatic; so there is still work to be done.

“Our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions, and use sunscreen as part of a daily safe sun regimen. Sunscreen is a crucial step in the fight against premature skin aging, sunburn and skin cancer,”​ ended Ahmed.

“Today, consumers can find sunscreen protection in a variety of products labeled with SPF, such as daily facial moisturizers, foundations, lipsticks, powders, etc. Our hope is that sun protection will become as much of a habit as putting on your seatbelt."

Request for info

The CDC announced the opening of the docket last month as it seeks to obtain information to be used for an anticipated Office of the Surgeon General response to the public health problem of skin cancer.

The Center invites comments and information on environmental or systems strategies; interventions that reduce exposure to UV radiation; and national-, state-, tribal-, territorial-, community-, organizational-, and individual-level actions.

The Vitamin D Council is disappointed in the unbalanced sun exposure message that the Office of the Surgeon General is headed toward, suggesting there is emerging evidence that lack of sun exposure and subsequent vitamin D deficiency are leading to many diseases and illnesses. CDC has called for response from this Council too.

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