Beauty supplies from China trigger security scare at JFK airport

Beauty supplies from China trigger security scare at JFK airport

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A batch of beauty supplies caused a security scare at JFK International airport in New York after a bottle of nail polish remover broke, causing postal staff to fall sick.

Police, federal agents and medical services were alerted to the postal facility at the airport after two customs officers reported a strange odor coming from the package on Sunday that was initially tested as being potentially dangerous, and possibly a nerve agent.

The two customs officers reported feeling sick after being overcome by the fumes from the package once it was opened, but then refused further medical attention after recovering, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Federal experts called to the scene

Federal experts were then called to the scene, and put on a full alert while they tested the package, causing two buildings surrounding the postal service office at the airport to be closed off.

The testing revealed that the package contained only the beauty products specified and that was only the broken bottle of nail polish remover had caused the alert.

However, according to officials, positive initial testing during such circumstances is common, while more in depth testing, either at the location or in laboratories, often revealing the true nature of the whatever substance triggered the alert.

False alarm!

Authorities have since confirmed that they do not believe the package of beauty products contained anything beyond just beauty supplies, and said that the initial reaction was a false alert.

According to additional information from the authorities, the package contained an assortment of beauty products believed to have been manufactured in China that were bound for an unspecified destination outside of the United States.

The alert draws attention to the fact that all kinds of cosmetic and beauty supplies, from finished products to ingredients, have to be correctly packaged and labeled in an effort to avoid accidents that can lead to security risks and the confiscation of an entire shipping consignment.

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