Health Canada puts warning out on unauthorized skin care products

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Health Canada puts warning out on unauthorized skin care products
Government body Health Canada has put an official advisory out following the identification of unauthorized cosmetics products for sale in the country.

The body says that a number of products are being distributed by Veslon Cosmetics and/or Super Discount Distributing which are not authorized for sale and may also have invalid drug identification numbers, which limits their traceability.

The majority of products are said to be topical skin care products, mainly antiseptic solutions and related gels used in the treatment of minor skin affections and irritations, as well as for medical purposes such as preparing skin for injections.

Health Canada concerned over safety and effectiveness of products

Veslon Cosmetics, which is headquartered in Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, manufactures a range of cosmetic and medical skin care products at the same location.

Health Canada says that it is concerned about the effectiveness, quality and safety of the product line up, and also says it has ‘significant concerns’ about the Veslon manufacturing facility, in view of the fact that it has not been licensed or inspected by any government body.

While Health Canada says it believes the distribution of the products has been limited to the Ontario area, specifically by Super Discount Distributing and some pharmacies, it says there is no way to determine whether or not the products have been distributed on a broader basis.

May have affected consumers throughout Canada

The unauthorized products are likely to have affected any consumers in the Ontario area and throughout Canada, as well as patients who received medical treatment at clinics and hospitals in the Ontario area.

Health Canada is advising consumers and health care professionals not to purchase any products from either Veslon Cosmetics or Super Discount Distribution until further notice.

Likewise, healthcare professionals should be consulted regarding the use of these products, while any adverse reaction should be immediately reported to Health Canada.

The organization says that the advisory brings to attention the importance of its eight digit market authorization codes, which are a legal necessity for cosmetics and personal care products sold in Canada, ensuring product safety and formulation standards.

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