Origin oil claims breakthrough with algae culture photo bioreactor

By Michelle Yeomans

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Origin oil claims breakthrough with algae culture photo bioreactor
According to the US based company, it has developed a breakthrough process for removing up to 99 percent of contaminants from the very large quantities of water to preserve algae in the process.

The vertical growth, culture photo bioreactor claims to maximize the production of high-quality algae and has already been incorporated into one cultivation focused production site at AlgEternal Technologies where it is acting as a key component of the company’s proprietary algal production system.

Algae tends to go bad very fast, it’s like fish, but when you harvest it, it avoids the decomposing process. We learned our own process also kills most of the bacteria during the harvesting process​, which in turn makes large-scale harvest possible​,” says CEO Riggs Eckelberry.

The CEO goes on to explain that the technology is unlike others that deal with highly diluted contaminants, in that the company’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation system rapidly and efficiently removes organic material from large volumes of water without the need for chemicals.

Development is a Bull’s eye for algae cultivation ’

According to AlgEternal’s founder Hugh Morris, the patent-pending, closed loop, Vertical Growth Module (VGM) has undergone seven years of rigorous research and development improvements and the current system incorporates critical features including CO2 delivery protocol, maximizing the rates of CO2 capture, as well as an aggressive algal growth rate during all seasons of the year with temperature ranges from below freezing to over 100°F.

"OriginOil has hit an absolute bull’s eye with their new EWS-powered Algae Appliance,​” adds Morris, on the introduction of the technology to their site.

They took the bottleneck out of high volume algae growth with the capability to send 13,000 gallons of green water a minute and 192,000 gallons per acre to the OriginOil harvester with no power usage," ​he adds.

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