Northstar Biosciences launches as skin care company

By Simon Pitman

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Northstar Bioscience, which until now has been a skin care research and development company, has launched into the acne skin care category with a new line of products.

The first two products in the natural, plant-derived product line are clear and natural Cleansing Cream, and clear and natural Acne Cream.

The products are formulated with Lauric Acid, which the company is promoting as the key active ingredient in the formulation, based on the fact that that it is a natural antimicrobial that is said to eliminate 99.98 of acne causing bacteria in clinical trials.

Lauric acid is naturally derived from coconut oil

Lauric acid is derived from coconut oil, and is said to contain the same anti-bacterial properties that are found in breast milk, which in turn serve to protect babies from infection and sickness.

The company says that it is targeting the acne skin care category because, despite progress in treatments for the condition, it continues to be a widespread problem, mainly for teenagers, but also for a significant number of adults.

It cites a recent Wall Street Journal article stating that 40 to 50 million in the US are affected by the condition, which also accounts for approximately 15 percent of women and 7 percent of men over the age of 50.

Natural approach to acne treatment

The company says it has taken a natural approach to its formulation, because most conventional topical acne treatments combine harsh synthetic ingredients, such as Benzoyl Peroxide, which often result in flaky and dry skin conditions that can even exacerbate acne.

“Most people that suffer with acne find it a source of embarrassment and frustration,” said Mike Vitagliano, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Northstar Biosciences.

“The frustration stems from the fact that currently available acne treatments are ineffective, have very nasty side effects, and are many times simply unaffordable."

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