US collaboration to advance next-generation peptides for cosmeceuticals

By Michelle Yeomans

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US collaboration to advance next-generation peptides for cosmeceuticals
Three companies have come together to design, develop and manufacture what they say, will be the next-generation of peptides for anti-aging and hair loss prevention cosmeceutical products.

Despite only getting together to collaborate in recent months, CA Botana International, StemNext and Molecular Botanicals have already developed a first series of products including a peptide-based formulation designed to reverse the effects of aging.

'Prho-Life Style Enhancing Serum', according to the companies, stimulates a key skin stem cell pathway in the epidermis, and is currently undergoing human clinical trials in Germany.

On the venture, Dr. Dieter Kuster of Molecular Botanicals says each company is bringing to the table experience in developing and implementing novel cosmetics formulation techniques and cutting-edge biotechnology expertise.

"We now look forward to creating the highest quality skin care and hair loss prevention products​," he adds.

Enhancing existing peptide technology

The research effort should serve to enhance the existing technology used to formulate peptides and is likely to see Botana further develop its peptides portfolio by incorporating the stem cell technology developed by StemNext and the specific technology developed for peptides by Molecular Botanicals.

As aforementioned, it is also expected to be used to develop peptides for formulations that will be used in advanced hair loss therapies.

"We're excited to apply our next-generation methods in Peptide discovery, compound synthesis, and plant derived stem cell biology to the development of this new series of cosmeceutical products​," adds a CA Botana spokesperson.

Peptides have been the holy grail of the niche cosmeceutical market for many years now, and were heralded as one of the biggest advances in the anti-aging category when they first hit the market.

NASA stem cell technology

Back in November, biotechnology company Regenetech announced that it had opened discussions with lifestyle firm Aristocrat Group Corp (ASCC) to develop a line of anti-aging skin care products from stem cells using The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s bioreactor technology.

Using equipment originally created for the space program, Regenetech is developing a line of cosmetic products with biomolecules that are produced in a weightless environment.

The unique ingredient was discovered while using the NASA-developed bioreactor to multiply stem cells for medical research.

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