Cruelty-free cosmetics all the rage in North America


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Cruelty-free cosmetics all the rage in North America

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Women in North America are more concerned with cruelty-free cosmetics than certified organic or preservative-free, with Canadian ladies leading the charge.

According to a Global Beauty Survey carried out by magazine firm Elle, whilst organic and natural certified and preservative-free are important to the consumer, this cannot match up to the demand for products not tested on animals.

The study highlights that half of the Canadian women surveyed said they boycotted products that were found to be tested on animals, with three in ten US women following suit, matched by the same number in Mexico.

In contrast, only three percent of respondents in mainland China said they would avoid cosmetics tested on animals; not too surprising given the different regulations in place in the market, requiring products to be tested.

Skin care in Asia

In Asia on the whole, the vast majority of respondents indicated that they would spend more money on skin care products, especially Asian women.

Women aged 25-34 years old were reported to spend the most on skin care products, followed by Japanese women.

Despite spending more, it seems mainland China’s women are less likely to pile on the make-up or opt for color cosmetics, as compared to Hong Kong and Taiwan, lipstick use was less than half.

Make-up made up in Europe

Across the pond in Europe, lipstick is also the favourite in the smaller markets, with Greece leading the way.

But the big boys are back in force when it comes to Europe’s favourite make-up product, mascara, with 698 percent of women in Germany reported to use it on a daily basis.

The Elle magazine survey was carried out by its various regional publications across five continents, on 26,893 women in 35 countries and regions around the world.

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