Research suggest water is the best skin care treatment for newborns

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Latest research from the Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic suggests that the very best bathing and skin care routine for newborns is simply to use water.

"Simply washing newborns with plain water is adequate; newborn skin is susceptible to infection and irritation. If parents choose to use products, they should select mild, neutral-pH cleansers without dyes or fragrances. Products should be used sparingly and rinsed off completely,"​ stated Pediatric dermatologist Dawn Davis, M.D., of Mayo Clinic Children's Center and colleagues recently published a review article in the International Journal of Dermatology​ about newborn skin care.

For after care, the researchers stated that after changing diapers, simply using water and a soft clean cloth is usually the optimum treatment, while hypoallergenic baby wipes maybe employed if wipes are the only option.

If a newborn gets a diaper rash, Dr. Davis suggests using zinc oxide, a paste with a neutral pH that acts as a barrier between the acidic products of urine and stool and the baby's skin.

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