Yparex claims global first with bio-based layer for greener packaging

By Michelle Yeomans

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Yparex claims global first with bio-based layer for greener packaging
The global supplier of tie-layer resins for a variety of industries has claimed it is the first to develop a petroleum-free adhesive tie layer to offer cosmetics packaging manufacturers a greener, more sustainable alternative.

Company representative, Wouter van den Berg told CosmeticsDesign.com USA that “we believe we are the first to have developed a >95 percent bio-based tie resin for multi-layer packaging that has all the functionalities of a regular, oil-based tie resin​.”

The polymer offers a more sustainable approach while also helping to protect the industry’s supply chain from price spikes of materials closely tied to the cost of oil and natural gas​,” he adds.

According to van den Berg, there have been numerous initiatives regarding bio-based materials in mono-layer packaging; however the cosmetics industry in many cases requires barrier packaging to prevent degradation under the influence of oxygen, which is where this polymer is said to be of benefit.


Currently, the issue of more environmentally friendly packaging has come to the forefront of the industry, prompting manufacturers to design thinner and lighter packaging that offers higher functionality while using less material.  

In light of this, van den Berg says that; “There’s a lot of disagreement about how best to make packaging more sustainable. Some argue for glass, since it’s recyclable whilst others say lightweight plastics are greenest because they save significant transportation costs and energy, while increasing safety and extending shelf life​.”  

This new polymer is the first of what the company hopes will become a growing family of bio-based 'green' tie layer grades. “We hope the packaging industry responds favorably to this sustainable product offering and, if it does, we promise this will be the first of many more ‘green’ innovations coming from our company."

Adhesive tie layers are polymers used in multilayer films that bond together dissimilar resins that otherwise would not adhere to each other. Such films are then used in rigid or flexible barrier-packaging structures that prevent passage of oxygen into the package (causing spoilage or contamination).

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