Soliance to launch two new skin care ingredients at in-cosmetics

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Soliance to launch two new skin care ingredients at in-cosmetics France-based cosmetics ingredients supplier Soliance is showcasing two new skin care ingredients, Syner-GX and Hydreïs, at in-cosmetics in Barcelona, this week.

Hydreïs was developed for weak and dehydrated skin, according to Soliance, and is claimed to repair the cutaneous barrier and minimise transepidermal water loss, restructuring the skin.

Derived from bacteria found in Caribbean soil

The ingredient is derived from an exotic bacteria strain found in a soil in Martinique subject to extreme water stresses. In order to main soil structure and water content, the bacteria strain produces an exopolysaccaride (EPS), from which Hydreïs is obtained through selective hydrolysis. 

Mechanism of action According to Soliance, the ingredient works by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporin-3 (+449 per cent in tests), necessary in water homeostasis, and filaggrin (+150 per cent), a protein essential to stratum corneum structure.

 In-vivo tests carried out on Hydreïs demonstrated its ability to restore skin barrier function. A panel test of 19 Caucasian subjects with an average age of 50 applied a cream with 1 per cent Hydreïs or a placebo to the forearm once a day.

Restores skin barrier function

The use of the cream containing Hydreïs resulted in a 103 per cent decrease in transepidermal water loss, according to Soliance.

The company notes that Hydreïs has applications in products such as anti-ageing creams, repairing creams and intense moisturising products. Syner-GX to stabilise formulas Syner-GX is a 100 per cent natural thickener derived from a mix of guar and xanthan gums that is designed to stabilise formulas and enhance sensory properties.

Tests performed on thickeners at a 0.5 per cent concentration level at 20°C showed that Syner-GX was a better viscosity enhancer than guar and xanthan gums on their own, according to Soliance.

Test should smoothing and softening effect

In a panel test of 15 people asked to describe the sensory profile of Syner-GX at a 0.5 per cent concentration in emulsion and gel, the ingredient was found to produce a smooth and soft touch without a greasy or sticky effect.

Soliance notes that Syner-GX can stabilise formulas with active ingredients containing salts such as marine origin actives due to its good level of tolerance in this area.

The ingredient also exhibits a very low sensitivity to pH and temperature variations and has a good cost-effectiveness ratio, the company said. Syner-GX is suitable for use in body care and skin care formulations, in creams, lotions, gels and serums.

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