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Cosmetics Design's Senior Editor, Simon Pitman
Cosmetics Design's Senior Editor, Simon Pitman

Related tags North america United states USA senior editor Simon Pitman has been shipped off to the United States to focus on the site’s content. We caught up with him at the newly established New York office to find out what it is all about.

The CosmeticsDesign team has been attending more and more North American events in recent years, while subscriber numbers have continued to grow exponentially. The logical conclusion was to base someone in the region to spearhead this growth and to ensure better dialogue with the readers, manufacturers and suppliers.

William Reed Business Media, publisher of the CosmeticsDesign websites, chose to locate the office in Manhattan, a strategic hub for a cross-section of businesses and industries, including the major cosmetic players.

“This is the perfect location, providing an operational center from which I can reach out to manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America, in all time zones and using every means of communication,”​ said Simon Pitman.

Re-locating from the South of France to New York

Previously the CosmeticsDesign team had been based at the company’s digital headquarters in Montpellier, South of France. The rest of the editorial team remains based at this location, enabling it to stay in touch with the all-important European market.

“Relocating to the United States enables a more hands-on approach to what is happening in the North American market, which remains the largest and most important market in the world by value.”

“Locating the business in New York we are able to reach, not only to the major manufacturers that are located in the city, but also the many, many suppliers that are located in the surrounding region, particularly in the industrial zones of Northern New Jersey.”

California is now firmly on the map, too!

Likewise, California is also home to an important hub for the industry. Being located in the US now means that the editorial team can reach out more easily to some of the important players that are located there on account of the fact that business hours are far more compatible with the US Eastern Board, than those in Europe.

“Being located in New York is an amazing opportunity to enhance industry contacts throughout North America, facilitating far greater dialogue with the industry and allowing me to attend many more of the important industry events that crop up throughout the year.”

If you would like to contact Simon Pitman with any questions or you have news concerning your company's operations in North America, do so by clicking the email link here​.

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