Ashland scientists receive patent for protein composition which treats appearance of cellulite

By Andrew McDougall

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The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent to a team of scientists at Ashland Specialty Ingredients for inventing a use of proteins that when applied to the skin, can cause a slimming effect.

Patent number 8,012,938 was issued to Claude Dal Farra, vice President, Technology at Ashland, Nouha Domloge, director at Vincience R&D, and Jean-Marie Botto, senior manager, Vincience R&D Material Science.

The team's patent, using UCP proteins as active ingredients, claims to make it possible to prevent and treat the appearance of cellulite.

Variety is the spice of life

According to Ashland, the compositions can take the form of a cream, suspension or powder, and can be applied in lotions, milks, serums, ointments, shampoos, gels, pastes and mousse, or key ingredients in skin care products.

Ashland explains that ‘UCP’ refers to a family of uncoupling proteins found in a variety of human tissues, such as intestines, skeletal muscles and the brain, as well as immune system cells.

Titled ‘Dermatological and/or cosmetic composition containing polypeptides,’ the patented composition uses proteins in the UCP family as active agents in a pharmaceutical, dermatological and/or cosmetic application.

The science behind it…

“UCP proteins play a significant role in energy metabolism and the metabolic regulation of food​,” the company said in a statement.

“Significant gene therapy research has been conducted into the use of UCP proteins to treat genetic dysfunctions and diseases related obesity and diabetes. The team's patented composition uses those proteins as active ingredients in an entirely new way.”

According to Ashland, when the proteins are applied to the skin they cause a slimming effect, reducing, eliminating and preventing excessive subcutaneous fat.

The idea behind the composition is to decrease the number of body fat and fat cells generated with the scientists claiming the proteins decrease in the quantity of triglycerides contained in the skin's body fat and thus returning skin to its normal appearance, ensuring cellulite tissue is not developed.

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