IGY Life develops immunizing skin care formula to help fight acne

By Ameann de John

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IGY Life Sciences has developed a revolutionary, patented process to safely extract immunoglobulin antibodies from an immunized chicken egg, and then return the egg to a food source. These antibodies designed to kill the acne bacteria on the skin can then be formulated with a variety of skin care applications to fight acne.

IGY technology is the extraction of specific IgY antibodies (Ab) from egg yolk, that is derived from immunized chickens. This non-invasive Ab isolation process and this technology is widely accepted in the scientific community. It is used in human and veterinary medicine to treat a wide variety of bacteria.

  1. IGY Life Sciences revolutionizes the way we treat acne by using this technology to create antibodies to fight acne.

Specific antibodies are created in the eggs by challenging the hen with a government-approved vaccine. The hen builds up extra antibodies to the targeted vaccine, in this case P. acnes bacteria, and those are passed into the egg. The P. acnes antibodies are then extracted for use in skin care formulations.

Conventional acne treatments rely on ingredients that kill all bacteria on the skin, both good and bad. Acne can often be made worse in such an environment. IGY Life Sciences has created ImmunoDerm Y which is an ingredient to specifically deactivate acne and this method is entirely different than current ingredients on the market.

These antibodies only target the chosen bacteria, just like your own body would. ImmunoDerm Y is able to control and prevent acne of all types because it destroys the bacteria that are common among all forms of acne. This means a better treatment for all types of acne.

Preliminary successful clinical trials have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of this ingredient. IGY Life Sciences has multiple patents on the process which can be used on any bacteria. This opens the door to other skin conditions which are caused by bacterial or viral infections.

For example, A plantar wart (also known as "Verruca plantaris") is a wart​ caused by the human papillomavirus​. The process for IGY Technologies is to isolate and classify the strain of virus, create a vaccine that would be safe to use in a commercial flock of hens, and then begin extracting the antibodies from the egg yolk.

While this has been attempted in the past, issues of low concentration of antibodies mixed with residual egg fat has held back this field of study from being attractive to industry. The new process eliminates those issues and provides a high concentration of the targeted antibody.

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