Online course highlights importance of gene expression for skin care

By Simon Pitman

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An online webinar will be held next week to highlight the important role that gene expression studies can play in the development of tailored topical products for the cosmetic and personal care market.

The course is aimed at product developers, formulation chemists, marketing and sales experts, together with dermatology experts and will be broadcast next Tuesday, October 18, at 11 am to 12.30 pm EST.

Organized by the Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA), the programme is based around the findings from the Human Genome Project, which was a 13-year project completed in 2003, which mapped out and identified approximately 25,000 genes in human DNA to determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up the human DNA.

DNA sequence is secret to tailoring cosmetic formulations

According to the event organizer, this understanding of DNA sequencing has helped both the medical and the personal care fields to develop formulations that are specifically targeted at an individual’s particular skin care requirements.

This has been assisted by significant developments in technologies that help to measure gene expression. The technology initially led to the development of technologically complex equipment that was challenging to use, but has now evolved into much more accessible equipment, that is both high throughput and easy to reproduce.

This in turn is helping both cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulators to develop high-end products that can be targeted towards a variety of specific conditions, which in respect to skin care may include the treatment of wrinkles and age-related problems, or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Program divided into three core modules

The 90-minute program is divided into three specific modules, which include one looking at gene expression and testing methods, another to assess and interpret statistics, and then a final module that will specifically look at gene expression studies in cosmetics.

The program will end with an interactive question and answer session which will review the programme and develop any points that participants wish to explore in further detail.

The individual registration fee is $299, while the group rate is $245 per person. Interested parties may register by contact the CfPA or by using the online registration facility, by clicking here​.

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