Alban Muller ingredient launch answers problems posed by sensitive skin

By Andrew McDougall

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Alban Muller has reacted to customer and consumer needs by developing a new cosmetic ingredient designed specifically to care for sensitive and reactive skin.

According to the French company, 50 per cent of men and women suffer from skin discomfort, known as ‘sensitive’ or ‘intolerant’. This skin type overreacts to external aggression such as UV radiation, heat, stress, cold, and thus needs adapted care.

Alban Muller has acted upon this data to produce its latest cosmetic ingredient Cytokalmine, which it claims has been tested to treat sensitive skin.

Skin soothing agent

According to the company, Cytokalmine is a sensitive skin-specific soothing agent which reduces both the secretion of inflammatory cytokines and the overproduction of free radicals.

With these properties in mind, the new ingredient also protects the skin from the effects of premature ageing.

Alban Muller explains it is a dry extract of Carthaginian berry (Punica granatum), concentrated in polyphenols, particularly in tannins (punicalagin) and ellagic derivative, and stabilised in a maltitol carrier.

It can be used in skin and body care applications, as well as for eye contour products, anti-ageing products, sun care and men’s care, as it helps provide sensitive skin with a soothing effect as well as reinforcing resistance to external aggressions.

Benefits of plant extracts in make-up powders

This latest ingredient launch comes straight after the company announced that natural plant extracts have become the ideal active ingredients in make-up products.

Alban Muller proposes its customers to adapt its liquid cosmetic ingredients to the specific formulation of make-up powders thanks to a unique technique of adsorption on microporous silica.

“When applied on the skin with the powder, the extract is naturally released on contact with the skin through a phenomenon of slow adsorption-desadsorption between molecules with different polarities: water and the extract,”​ the company explains.

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