L'Oreal: Aerosol technology set for expansion into skin care category

By Simon Pitman

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The aerosols category is synonymous with deodorant, but thanks to the adaption of new design and technology, it is set to expand significantly into the skin care category, says Isabelle Lepeltier, L'Oreal's director of operations for packaging development.

"L’Oreal is clearly convinced that there are big opportunities to develop aerosol dispensing systems within the skin care category,”​ Lepeltier told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com in an exclusive interview.

Isabelle Lepeltier,
L'Oreal's director of operations for packaging development

“During the last year we developed a series of new product launches within this category, including a self-tanning product for the sun care category and a foundation spray.”

Lepeltier went on to explain that L’Oreal believes aerosol technology can be used as an efficient and hygienic dispensing system for technologically advanced formulations because it is air-tight and easy to use.

The growing attraction of aerosols

“Consumers are becoming increasingly attracted to aerosol sprays because there are a number of benefits, including the fact that a spray is fresh and also that the application is far easier to make to a small or large area, particularly considering sunscreen application for children,”​ Lepeltier said.

Integral to the improved application is the fact that significant advances in spray quality have been made in recent years, which means that aerosols are much more user-friendly.

This was first picked up on by consumers using sunscreens with aerosol sprays, and in time positive feedback has contributed to the technology’s increasing popularity in other skin care segments.

Technology combined with aesthetics

Hand-in-hand with the technological aspects of aerosols is the fast that aesthetics are also a very important part of this type of dispensing system, a fact that is underlined by the way aerosols are increasingly being designed to be more harmonious with the overall packaging, as well as being more ergonomic.

_Loreal_ Liftactiv

“Design is increasingly viewed as a commodity, bringing different and improved aesthetics and functionality. In turn this philosophy is being adapted to help give the technology itself a better image,”​ she said.

Earlier this month, industry professionals from the aerosol Forum gathered in Paris for the Aerosol Forum, an event dedicated to this important area of packaging and one that platforms all the latest developments.

Isabelle Lepeltier chaired a session devoted to the cosmetics industry at the Aerosol Forum, and underlined her belief that the event is focused on all the new innovations and technologies in the category, making it essential for both brand owners and suppliers.

“Even if we know the technology inside and out, each year the Aerosol Forum event brings new technologies, innovations and designs to our attention,”​ Lepeltier said.

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